How often is it that we get new vehicles to play with? Not very often. It's nice to get one, but it's doubly nice to get a high quality on...


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How often is it that we get new vehicles to play with? Not very often. It's nice to get one, but it's doubly nice to get a high quality one! That's what minilogoguy always brings us - quality models. Nothing is lacking here. The skin, done by Dark Cuillere (skinner of "General Kenobi"), is lacking in no areas. The model even has custom animations (the wings will move when you take off! yay!). It has custom shaders, effects, and even its own GUI display.

How close is this to the real thing? It's spot on, for the most part. I'll admit, to me the wings look a little thicker than maybe they should be (this makes them look *very* angular, even though they're supposed to be), but other than that I can't find any serious flaws at all. It truly is a work of art, and it obviously took more than a day or two. If you're a prequel fan, or just a vehicle fan, give it a download and take a spin around one of the many space maps. You won't be disappointed.


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Download 'mini_vwing.zip' (1.81MB)


Version 1.0
Author: minilogoguy18 & Dark_Cuillere

While the robust ARC-170s served as heavy fire craft, the nimble V-wing fighters were better
suited to dogfight engagements against the speedy vulture starfighters and tri-fighters. The needle-nosed
craft could hold a single clone pilot, with a partially covered astromech droid providing navigation and
in-flight repairs. Bracketing the wedge-shaped ship were a set of flat wings extending above and below
the ship. The wings were on articulated collars that allowed them to rotate 90 degrees for landing. Two
pairs of laser cannons were mounted on the wing struts, providing the V-wing with rapid snap-fire 

Model: me 
Anims and riggin: me 
Skins: Dark_Cuillere 
Shaders and efx files: me & Inyri Forge 
Text files: me


Just throw the mini_vWing.pk3 in your base and its as simple as that! 

Take the mini_vWing.pk3 out of the base folder 

Spawn code 

/npc spawn vehicle v-wing

Sometimes when you land and hit "use" to get out of the ship it'll just center the view, but just keep
hittig it and it'll let you out. =P

Special Thanks:
A big one to Dark_Cuillere for skinnning this thing for me since im a terrible texture artist, it sucks 
though that he's very busy with college now to help me anymore =( Also to Inyri for helping me with the 
layered shader to give the windows of the cockpit a glare while the rest of the model has a specular glow.
Oh yeah also to my buddy Corto for having the patience of teaching me how to use Softimage|XSI after me 
using 3dsmax for so long. =P


This file and all of its contents CAN be modified, changed, or used in any 
map, mod, or project. Just make sure you let me know first and credit the original authors and include 
the original readme. If your seeking permission you can contact me at [email protected] 

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© 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated. 
All rights reserved. Used under authorization. 
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks 
of Lucasfilm Ltd. 
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