Vader's Meditation Chamber



*Spoiler Alert* If you haven't played single player of Jedi Academy yet and you want to be surprised, don't read this review. :)

Now, maybe I'm missing the point of this map, I dunno. Vader's Meditation Chamber is the same room that you fight Rosh in. And what you have here is exactly that. I'm supposed to be impressed because the author created this room, like, from scratch. He just took some screenshots in-game and built this map from just some images. Impressive. :) Of course, this is a great map for a good duel. Plenty of room and good lighting. I'm just not all that interested in this map. And it's not the author's fault. This is Raven's design. I just find it a bit boring. Thankfully, there is bot support included. You can never have too many duel maps on a duel server. So add this to your rotation for variety. :)

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Music: Yes Game Types: Duel




Vader's meditation chamber.


This map was totally made by Desostros,who is a part of Digital Core.DC is a mapping team that consists of myself (Deso) and Stormkiller.
DC is planning on releasing a lot more maps,so hold on to your panties,DC is on the roll.
Our homepage is  www.digitalcore.tk  ,which is still under construction due to lack of time =p .


"Vader's meditation chamber." is a smallsized  JKA map made for duel purposes.This map consists of a remake of Vader's meditation chamber,in the JKA SP.Therefor i dont wanne take credits for the designs.


Open the ZIP file,and extract the “Vader.pk3” to your “gamedata/base” folder,and everything should work as it’s supposed to be.

Other info;

I hope and think you will all enjoy this map,it’s worth the download.
Thanx,and watch out for more  1337 DC mapzzz.

-Desostros ([email protected])

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