Cutefuzzysquirrel created a Vampire Hunter D model for JK2, but it didn't get quite the buzz it deserved. Well, it was a long time ago and...


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File Description

Cutefuzzysquirrel created a Vampire Hunter D model for JK2, but it didn't get quite the buzz it deserved. Well, it was a long time ago and there was no bot support, no team colors and no new sounds. Also, the model was a little ... shoddy. But it's still a great model. By shoddy, I mean, there are a few issues with how the model moves and stuff.

This is not a new skin, really. Nor a new model. This was simply ported to Jedi Academy from JK2 and now includes new sounds, bot support and team skins. It's nothing fancy and doesn't look different from the original model, but now it's here for JA and it's a complete skin. Yay!

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: Yes


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Re-worker               : Md
Skin Name		: vampD (Vampire Hunter D 'Re-Worked')
Date			: 12 January 2005
Installation		: Extract the .pk3 into your gamedata/base folder
Bugs			: Spining two sabers around your head (only one spins around) :(
Bot Support		: Yes
Team Colours		: Yes
Skins own Sounds	: Yes

* Description / Information *

Firstly, I upload this file not to take credit, but to share something I think is quite
good.  I, like many others have been waiting for another 'good' skin to be upload.  So
I went hunting around in the JK2 skins section and found this, in my opinion, awesome
Vampire Hunter D skin.  It didn't quite work in JKA due to replacing the Kyle files etc
and so forth (which I didn't want to happen anyway), so I figured I would re-work it for
JKA (and pray that I have done the original release justice in some way or another).

So the skin didn't have bot support.
...didn't have team colours...
...didn't have sounds...
...didn't run as it's own independant skin...

...well... it was still good!

But now, after messing around with it and re-working it a bit, the skin now has (to my 
knowledge (unless I have missed something), bot support, team colours, and sounds!!!.

Again, let me reiterate; I am not trying to claim ownership or take credit for any part
of this skin.  I am simply reworking something for JKA, and in the process, hopefully 
improving upon the original concept.

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I am.


PS: I make to claim to be able to make a skin from scratch.  I have and am looking into
it though. I am merely getting stuck on a bit of modelling work and skeleton linking.
What I would really like to create is a Raziel skin (from Soul Reaver) - I'd love to run
around as Raziel and use a 'Soul Reaver' as a lightsaber.  If anyone is able to create such
a skin, I would love you for ever!.  Team colours could be Red: Raziel with Spiritual Soul 
Reaver - Blue: Kain with Material Soul Reaver.  What are your thoughts on such a skin???

Thanks for reading! :)

* Copyright / Permissions *

 Original Skin credits go to _Leviathan_
 Model credits go to Mark "Vampire Hunter D" Cowart & Michael "Cutefuzzysquirrel" Cowart 


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