Vampire (Tobe)

=_o I think we all know of the foul cliché of the bad reborn skin. Tobe has stepped in to possibly shatter our concept of a reborn reskin....


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=_o I think we all know of the foul cliché of the bad reborn skin. Tobe has stepped in to possibly shatter our concept of a reborn reskin.

While not as "WOW HOLY CRAP DESTROY PLANETS WE MUST." as his previous works have been, Tobe still displays his handicraft by turning a mere reborn into the classic VAMPIRE. =_= Now, this isn't your typical Count Dracula vampire. This vampire seems to come from a more creature-esque background, a crazed bloodthirsty denizen of the night. As such, Tobe gave his creation H00GE CLAWZ. Seriously, these things would make Freddy Krueger look inadequate. Well okay, at least most of them XD. Two sets of the six are a little more humane. A few of these have interesting stances. Definitely adds to the whole atmosphere of this skin.

I will say, however, that custom taunts would have perfected this skin's appeal. The dull sound of "Take that" kills the whole vampire vibe. Granted, he merely changed a sounds.cfg for a howler's set, but howlers aren't human, and therefore do not care to taunt their opponents ¬_¬;

Overall, this skin definitely would beat any other reborn reskin any time of the week. Vampire Enthusiasts would be wise to poke and prod at this mod angril with a pygmy spear. To do with any other tool would result in death =_=.

Bot Support: Aye NPC Support: Aye Team Skins: Aye New Sounds: No(Uses Howler sounds)

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (2.67MB)

TITLE         : Vampire (Tobe)                                  (skin & weapons)
AUTHOR    : Tobe

FILENAME :  BB_Vampire
FILESIZE    :   2.66 MB
DATE RELEASED: 6/23/2007

NPC support :  Yes
Bot support :    Yes
Team support : Yes


 *****   Credits  *****

    To,    Marchus Williams (a.k.a RED SITH)    for letting me use his saber menu mod. 
    It makes dual and staff weapons selectable in the start of any new game :);23602


*****   Features  *****

    *  New Player Skins : It's Vampire Reborn!  Dark Reborn!  Evil Reborn!  Not Again Reborn!  whatever you say :D
                                    3 colors. plus 2 special skins for the special weapons :) all skins selectable as species.
    *  New Weapons : 3 unique claw weapons! All selectable from saber manu. For details check the "Weapon List".
                               And you better read before you use :)

 *****   To Install  *****

   Unzip and place "BB_Vampire.pk3" and "BB_Menu_Vamp.pk3" into your Jedi Academy base folder:   
                 StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/base

                "BB_Vampire.pk3" is the skin and weapon file.
                "BB_Menu_Vamp.pk3" is the menus file for the skins and weapons.

   * all weapons should appear on the saber menu with names.
     however, saber scripts are likely to conflict with each other. so if you have any other saber mod with menu script,
     some of the sabers might disappear from the menu, or without names. 
     And this mod works for Jedi Academy v1.01
  Inside the  "extra choice"  folder :

BB_MENUS_6.pk3 :  is a menu script that binds all the list of weapons & players from this mod and my other mods.
                             The mods included are: 
                             "Ifrit (2.0)", "Shiva", "Knight & War Tauntaun (1.5)", "The Phantom Of The Opera", and "Vampire".
                             If you have all 5 mods installed, just put this " BB_MENUS_6.pk3 " into your /base folder :)  
                             And remove all the other Menu files like those named "BB_MENUS...", because they will conflict.
       *If you are looking for the other mods:
                         "Ifrit (2.0)"  :;70957             
                         "Shiva"      :;71646
                         "Knight & War Tauntaun (1.5)"  :;74845
                         "The Phantom Of The Opera";77093


 *****   Skin List  *****        (important)

  You can chose vampire skins on the player making screen. Select "Vampire" as species. 
  If the name or skins doesn't appear, just switch to other species and switch back again :)

  "HEAD" part will set player's "eye color". chose from "DARK", "RED", "BLUE". 
 "TORSO" part has basically 3 color of body parts, "DARK", "RED", "BLUE".
                 However there are also "DARK for claw" , "RED for claw"  skins which you will see have no hands.  O_O 
                 that's because they are designed to use the special vampire claw weapons, the claws shaped like hands.
                 Read the "Weapon List" for details. You can also spawn those vampire NPCs and check how it works.

                * Only "BLUE" skin doesn't have the special "for claw" version since blue vampire use different type of claw.

  "LEGS" part has nothing to chose :P  


 *****   Weapon List  *****

   Entry names and descriptions for the weapons:

   vampR            *  (right hand). This is a pair of claw which can be attached to the "DARK for claw" player skin. 
   vampL            *  (left hand) all Left hand claws only appears as the 2nd(left hand) dual saber on the saber menu.

   claw5R           *  (right hand). A pair of claw designed for the "RED for claw" player skin. be sure you chose the skin.
   claw5L            *  (left hand)   Be sure you attach left side claw to the left hand or you will look silly in the game. :D

   clawR             *  (right hand). This pair of claw is designed for Blue Vampire. and doesn't need special skins to use.
   clawL             *   (left hand)    It basically attaches to the wrist so every character with arms and hands can wear it :)


 *****   NPC List  *****

   To spawn NPCs:
      In a single player game, hit "SHIFT" and "~" key to open up console, 
      type in "helpusobi 1" and hit ENTER to activate cheats.
      Type "npc spawn kyle" and ENTER, that will spawn a Kyle. Change the name for any NPC. 
      Hit "SHIFT" and "~" again to exit console.

   vamp1                        *  a dark  Vampire
   vamp2                        *  a red    Vampire
   vamp3                        *  a blue   Vampire


 *****   To Uninstall  *****

            Remove all files that's from "" from your base folder. That's all.


  Again, Player skins will appear on player making menu. And all weapons will appear on saber menus on SP and MP.
  There should be no conflicts unless if you have any other saber menu script in your base folder
  all files 100% works with a nice clean base folder :)


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