So this is the Jedi Trainer model reskinned - not a model I've reviewed before I don't think...saying that I've just had wine so I could be wrong :)

The readme says "i made it so it kinda looks like a jogging jumpsuit type armor" and I think that sums it up perfectly! We're talking Sunday morning jogger running around Central Park trying to look hip wearing as much gold as possible who is actually a cop undercover wearing body armour! More wine sir?

The detail is quite simple made easy for the skinner by the use of black - a color that appears plain and so makes it very easy to skip on detail. The chest has a nice gold pattern however and all in all I think it actually works ok - it looks tidy and crisp.

On the downside it is just a skin, none of the extras are in here which is a shame.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No




      hi,this is vendetta,

	this skin is my FIRST released skin, so be...very....very....very very.....VERY generous :D

        - there is no bot support nor team colors (team colors are the normal jedi trainer) but if this gets more than 6/10 il probably release a new one
          with bot and team support
        - there are two versions in the file,one is for me only, if you wanna use it be my guest,all thought theres my name on the back. And the 
         other one is for the public as in the back is clean
        - its a jedi trainer skin,i made it so it kinda looks like a jogging jumpsuit type armor...

	- enjoy! :)


email:[email protected] for feedback

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