Venus, Sith Apprentice

Kusanagi reskins seem to be popular lately. This one, though I can tell there are some pretty big differences about it, doesn't feel...


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Kusanagi reskins seem to be popular lately. This one, though I can tell there are some pretty big differences about it, doesn't feel different. The face is the same, the hair is still a shade of purple, and the torso doesn't seem much different. Obviously there's the addition of pants, with the... whatever that is on the pants. Personally folks, I don't care about a backstory. Put the changes you made to the skin in your read-me! Ugh... It's like they expect us to do a ten-point comparison between the two models.

We've got team skins, which honestly don't have much red and blue on them anywhere, and we have single-player menu support, just like the original Kusanagi. I'm sure the story for this skin is really interesting, but there's just not much kick. It should really be much more unique from the original model to make it anything particularly special.

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: No NPC Support: No


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Model's Name            : Venus (Sith Apprentice)
Author                  : Axl_GNR_Rose
Email Address           :
Skin's description      : This is a reskin of Graves' major kusanagi model. 
I asked him permission to reskin it.

			  This is Venus. Apprentice to Lord Black, a character I designed and 


			  she is a descendent from an ancient humanoid species, the Vertigans. 
These humanoids have an interesting yet dangerous capability. They
                          have a natural talent for the Dark Side of The 
Force, they also have a natural born urge to fight. The Jedi Discovered the 
planet Vertigo but decided that the Vertigand posed no threat to the Galaxy.
			  The Vertigans lived in a society of clans always at war with one 

			  But the Jedi were wrong; soon after their visit a warriors from a 
nearby system invaded Vertigo killing many Vertigans, and wiping out most of 
the clans.
			  Due to this threat upon them the Vertigans united and drove of the 
invaders, afterwards they established their Sith Empire, wit an Emporor in 

			  The Vertigans outlived many of the Sith Orders. Because of their 
believes, normally Sith Lords kill each other for power, yet the Vertigan 
community didn't. Their
			  believes and loyalties to one another created a vast orderly 
civilzation. When the Vertigan Sith Empire becam more and more powerful, the 
jedi interfered, wiping out the entire civilazation.....or so they thaught.

			  Venus' past is unknown since she was found still encased in the escape 
pod that saved her. She never had a childhood , because she grew up locked 
up in the escape pod sustained in an cryogenic sleep. It was Lord Black who 
found her and three
    			  other Vertigan Females who also escaped the purge.

			  Venus is a headstrong, young Vertigan, skilled in the use of the Dark 
Side, allthough she feels force powers are "relatively useless". Her 
saberskills are extraordinary, however her knowledge of the force is not 
that good.

			  This skins comes with CTF support, SP support and teamskins.

			  All Credit goes to Graves, for he made the major kusanagi model on 
which this skin is based. I only reskinned it.

* Construction *
Base                    : Graves' major kusanagi model
Editor used             : Paint Shop Pro 7, Modview, Notepad, Microsoft 
Photo Editor
Known Bugs              : None
Build/Animation time    : 1 week

CTF Support: Yes
SP Support: Yes
BOT Support: No
Custom Sounds: No (Jedi Female sounds)

* How to use this model *

Extract Venus.pk3 to your JA base folder.

* Copyright / Permissions *

This file is not to be modified in any way without the permision of it's 
creators. Please contact me beforehand.

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