Well, personally I like this map, I think that is pretty well built, it has excellent gameplay and some cool features, like the ability to t...


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Well, personally I like this map, I think that is pretty well built, it has excellent gameplay and some cool features, like the ability to turn the splash damage from rockets and other explosive weapons, on and off, so you can train to be more accurate, because only precise hits on the other players will kill them.

I’ve never actually played this ‘Kill the Rabbit’ gametype mentioned in the readme (its played using the CTF gametype) but it sounds like fun, and from what I’ve read on the readme, the map is well suited to it.

Bear in mind that there aren’t any flags included for the CTF gametype, the reason for this is explained in the readme.

The congested city like atmosphere is excellently done, it really does feel like a crowded city.

However there are one or two bits that I didn’t like, one was that you could walk right up to the edge of the skybox and actually see that the travelling speeders (which are well placed in the map) were going along the outside of the skybox, you could go right up to them and see that they were really only tiny!

Also there were one or two textures that were used for the buildings that looked a bit weird or out of place (such as the Star Destroyer texture).

Lastly, there was one place, near some glass panels, where the bots kept getting stuck, but apart from that they all worked quite well :)

There also wasn’t any music in the map! :( I always like music in a map, although that may or may not have been deliberate. But, nevertheless it was a well made and fun map to play in, and is definitely worth a download.

Also, when your looking for the switch that turns splash damage on and off, its that small control panel surrounded by either blue (on) or red (off) lights!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA, Duel, Power Duel, CTF


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Download '' (2.39MB)


Author                  : Cuko
Email Address           :
Website URL             : n/a

Programs used		: radiant

Map description         : Congested city atmosphere. The original concept of map is 
the ability to toggle on/off splash damage of weapons at a console.  
An alarm will sound indicating that splash dmg has been turned off.

* Play Information *

Game types supported	: Free For All (FFA), Team Free For All (TFFA), and Kill the Rabbit (played under CTF)
New Textures		: Yes
New Sounds		: Yes
Bot support		: Yes

* How to use this map *

Extract vertigo3.pk3 into base folder, load with the ingame menu
The map can also be launched from the console with the command "/map vertigo3"
You will notice that the map has a ctf mode, but no flags.  This was deliberately done for two reasons:
The ctf mode best suits the "rabbit" game typically played on this map. Map is hosted on servers that primarily serve ctf players-  (this was created as an aim practice pit)

* A CTF Trainer*

Im a big fan of full-force full-weapon ctf, so this map was originally designed as an aim trainer and a game physics trainer.

Direct Hits: No Splash Toggled 
The original version of fusion (grind) had an area with no splash, but I decided that was too much a benefit for fc and got rid of it. 
The trick to this map is that you can actually toggle splash damage for ENTIRE MAP 
at a console. (alarm sounds when splash is turned off) 
Only direct hits will make kills, so I layed out plenty of ammo. 
Toggling no splash damage was done by selecting all outer brushes, duplicating and sizing down by .01 and applying a 
no-splash shader/all inner brushes sizing up 1.01.  All were then grouped as a func_wall set to trigger by switch.
The trick was to go back and comb over map to make sure that the no splash "padding" did not interfere with the natural 
physics of the terrain. (In the beta some of the wall runs had been effected by it)

MA's: The Pit 
I included a large chasm with pit that shoots you directly into the air. Several bot routes go directly to this pit so you can practice getting mid airs in that area. 
It's also fun to try to hit people around map with tenloss or missile lock while you are in pit. 

They may seem like exploits, but the various camping spots for snipers were deliberate. You can get into the top of several of the buildings (including the large blue one) 


The “Rabbit” goes Red Team. 
The “Hunters” all go Blue Team. 
Rabbit’s goal is to stay alive as long as possible. Rabbit may use any force powers, but no weapons. Gotta be quick. Rabbit gets three tries in a row. 

Hunters’ goals is to be first to kill the Rabbit. May use only Seeing and Speed for forces. Using other force powers on the Rabbit is a ‘foul’. Hunters may use any weapon on the Rabbit. 

Splash Damage toggle is thrown to “off” (Blue). Map Restarted and the chase is on! (You’ve never seen so much rocket spammage in your life!) The Rabbit learns to evade and strafe/
Hunters learn to be precise with aim and how to track & kill. 

* Special thanks to : *

Oats came up with original idea for the map and the rabbit game. All of The chop shop / Refresh / PUGZ community for hours of "rabbit" fun and tweaking the first two runs of this.
Thanks also *again to Meush for artwork on "Take Back your game" sign.
Thanks to Bono and U2 for Vertigo song that inspired theme.
Thanks to PCGameMODS and JK2Files for File hosting.


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