Vexor Zeth

This is a reskin of the Boba Fett. Thankfully this skin is more than just a little bit of purple on the arms of the model. This skin is comp...


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This is a reskin of the Boba Fett. Thankfully this skin is more than just a little bit of purple on the arms of the model. This skin is completely redone, with the jetpack included and there's little eye things on the helmet.

This skin has a complete set of really awesome custom sounds. I really like them :p. The taunt is really cool and I am glad I heard it. He also makes cool noises when he gets choked, it almost sounds like a dinosaur heh. The skin itself is done with really good quality. Except for the fact that there's no hands on the skin. I don't know if the author forgot to include the files in the .pk3 or what, but I know a skin should have hands. Anyway on the downside the skin does not have team support....or hands...I'm very sorry but I don't think I can get over the no hands part. Also the skin lacks bot support, so you can't pit your favorite boba fett skins against each other by yourself.

This author also included a couple .pk3's in the .zip from other authors to enhance his skin, but he included the readmes from them in the readme from his skin.

I think if the author looked over this skin and fixed the small bugs, it could be really good. I hope to see some really nice work in the future from this author.


Bot Support: No Team Support: No New SOunds: Yes


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Title: Vexor Zeth

Author: RyaMik Productions co-founder Mike Strain
	[email protected]



	"Only two there are, a master and an apprentice."  This idea was forged by the great Sith Lord Darth Bane as a way to stop another Sith war from occurring.  He meant it.
	Between the events of Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, there secretly existed a Sith Master by the name of Darth Korzoth and his apprentice, Darth Nimrod.  The two stayed and trained on a remote planet in the outer-rim, far from the growing New Republic.  Darth Korzoth was tired of the old ways and felt that he was able to control more Sith than the age old rule required.
	Elsewhere, two Jedi students fled the planet of Yavin, for they could not deal with Luke Skywalker's slow approach to the ways of the Force.  They left with several holocrons containing information on the Sith.  For years they had been curious as to the "fast and easy way" to power, and they heard the tales of the Sith and their glory days.  Upon reviewing the poisionous information, they both reached the realization that Jedi such as Luke were using their ways as a way to control their students.  That was something they did not want.  They began to argue as to who was to become the greatest, and in the confusion that followed, one of the formor Jedi, a once very promising student, Kelzek, murdered his friend, and so his path to the Dark Side began.  
	Meanwhile, Darth Korzoth felt a tremor in the force and sent his apprentice to investigate.
	Alone and without any money, Kelzek took up the profession of being a bounty hunter to make his way.  He wore dark Mandalorian armor, which he recreated himself through looking at old documents concerning the Mandalorians.  The dark colors of the armor were a warning as to what was behind the mask, a Dark Jedi.  Kelzek became known throughout the galaxy as Vexor Zeth and using his force powers, he was unstopable.  Throughout his hunting career, he could not shake the feeling that he was being watched.  As time passed and he learned more and more about the Sith, he too planned to one day resurrect the once glorious Sith Empire.  But the hunter became the hunted and he met Darth Nimrod, who tried to bring him to Korzoth.  Astounded that there were already Sith in existence, Vexor resisted and attacked Nimrod in a fierce fury.  After a long struggle, Vexor won the fight, but at the cost of loosing his hands.  Like what most bounty hunters do after a kill, Vexor took a suvenior, both of Nimrod's sleek lightsabers, that when activated, emitted a bright orange blade.
	With the loss of his hands, being a bounty hunter was found to be a more challenging task.  He still dreamed of being a great Sith Master as he continued to be consumed by darkness.  With the help of the Dark Side of the Force, he found that he was still capeable of capturing his bounties.  Over time, he learned from the holocrons how to attach himself to an item, so that if he was ever defeated, his essence can still exist, the same trick Emperor Palpatine used years ago to stay alive long after his supposed death on the second Death Star.  Deciding to give it a shot, he went through the long ritual and attached himself through the force to the front plate of his armor.  As long as it was not completely destroyed, he would exist indefinately.
	Years passed, and one day, he received an invitation to meet a mysterious person who called himself Korzoth.  He followed the directions laid out for him in the letter and found himself deep in the outer-rim.  A couple of modified tie-fighters escorted him to the ruins of a race lost thousands of years ago.  He finally met Darth Korzoth, but to his surprize, he saw that the evil Sith Master had over 20 Sith students.  Vexor was well aware of Sith history and found Korzoth a great threat to his plans and to the galaxy.  Korzoth told him that he was impressed as to how powerful he was in the force that he could continue to capture bounties with no hands and offered Vexor the opportunity to train under him.  Vexor said he'd think about it and so he spent some time at the ruins, observing the large amount of Sith with great astonishment and hatred.
	One night, Vexor snuck around the ruins, placing thermal detonators in various places with the intent of ridding the galaxy of the abomination to the greatest of all Sith laws.  Before he could escape the ruins, he was found out by none other than Darth Korzoth.  Vexor was no match for the superior Master of the Force and was defeated.  But with his last effort, he set off the detonators and destroyed every last Sith apprentice.  And so, Vexor Zeth died.
	Unfortunately, Darth Korzoth escaped and began rebuilding what was destroyed.  But what he did not realize was there was a certain item which was not destroyed in the blast, the front plate of the mandalorian armor of Vexor Zeth.  Vexor found himself floating in the balance between existance and death.  His Spirit was spread thought the realm of life and he was too weak to pull himself together.  As the years passed, he helplessly watched as Korzoth trained more and more Sith Apprentices.  After what seem like a thousand life times, Vexor came in contact with the spirit of his hero, Darth Bane.  The once great Sith Lord, angered by the ways of the rogued Sith, helped Vexor regain his true form and so the Dark Jedi Bounty Hunter returned from the dead, and reclaimed the parts of his armor that still existed.  His body now burned with the very fires which destroyed him only a few years ago.  Now, instead of hands, he had balls of fire which raged as a reminder of the many Sith he murdered.  He was able to produce two lighsabers from the fire that was now infused with his body, with orange flames in the center of them which now burned eternally.  He then resumed his mission of destroying the insane Korzoth before the Sith destroyed themselves for the last time.
	Being already dead and finding the students so lacking in the focus they needed, Vexor Zith found it easy to erradicate the few Sith students that Korzoth managed to take on.  He then confronted Darth Korzoth, and cought the Sith by surprize, putting an end to his evil.  Finding his task complete, Vexor Zeth wished to follow the ways of the Sith and take on an apprentice.  After much searching, an idea from the past arose.  Vexor Zeth turned his attention to the tiny planet of Yavin, to Luke Skywalkers students at the JEDI ACADEMY......

	Extract the Vexor_Zeth.pk3 file, along with any of the extras you may want, in to the Gamedata\base folder in your Jedi Academy folder.  It is recommended that you use 4 of 5 of the pk3 files to show Vexor Zeth as he is meant to be.  The four files are as follows:

1.  Vexor_Zeth.pk3 -
	The main file, of course.  To use the model's features in game, simply click on his icon from the list of characters to choose from to get the Vexor Zeth Model.  To remove his head, type /MODEL VEXOR_ZETH/2 in the console.  To show him as desribed at the end of the story, type /MODEL VEXOR_ZETH/3 to remove pieces of his armor and make him appear more ghostly.  Finally, type /MODEL VEXOR_ZETH/4 to make him completely invisable except for his lightsabers.

Bot support: NO
New Sounds: YES
The sounds are modified sounds of the zombies from Return to Castle Wolfenstein.  The taunt is actually me, but with my voice put through a sound editing program.  Sounds almost like the Witch King from LOTR (love that movie!).

2.  Flamethrower.pk3 -
	"His body now burned with the very fires which destroyed him only a few years ago."  And I quote from the author's readme file:

Author:		Dark_Maul
Email:		[email protected]
What:		This mod replaces force lightning with a flamethrower effect and sounds.
	End Quote.  It replaces the lightning for EVERYONE, but it really looks far better than the lightning.  I really recommend using this mod.  LOOKS GREAT!  Nice job, Dark_Maul!!

3.  burning_hand_pack.pk3 -
	"Now, instead of hands, he had balls of fire which raged as a reminder of the many Sith he murdered."  And I quote from the author's readme file:

Title			: Burning Hand Technique
Author			: {THC}ShovelHead
E-Mail			: [email protected]

File Name		: burning_hand_pack.pk3
File Size		: 306 KB
Date Released		: 11/18/03

Description		: This mod will put an orb of fire around you hands instead of a saber hilt. 
Comments		: The inspiration for this file comes from many places. 
                          I found myself wanting to create something out of the ordinary.
                          So take it for what it is.
                          My mods have only been tested on my machine so I hope they look as good on yours.

Build time              : 8 hours

	End Quote.  You get to choose between red, yellow, orange, blue (like Vexor Zeth, plus it goes very well with the flamethrower mod), teal, and purple.  Doesn't replace anything.  You choose it as you would any other saber handle.  THANKS, {THC}ShovelHead!!

4 & 5.  1fire_blades.pk3 and no_glow.pk3 -
	"He was able to produce two lighsabers from the fire that was now infused with his body, with orange flames in the center of them which now burned eternally."  And I quote from the author's readme file:

Title			: Fire Blades
Author			: {THC}ShovelHead
E-Mail			: [email protected]

File Name		: 1fire_blades.pk3 + no_glow.pk3
File Size		: 162 KB + 29 KB
Date Released		: 11/19/03

Description		: This mod will give a mystical fire look to your saber blade. 
Comments		: I made this file to go along side another mod of mine "Burning Hand Technique".
                          I just wanted to cook up something different with some interesting shader files.
                          You can use 1fire_blades.pk3 with or without no_glow.pk3.
                          I find that without the core, glow, and blur you can see the fire better.
                          You can use no_glow.pk3 by itself if you are using a sword weapon and don't want the glow either.
                          But remember that it will kill all sabers though.
                          My mods have only been tested on my machine so I hope they look as good on yours.

Build time              : 6 hours

	End Quote.  I personally don't suggest the no_glow.pk3 file, as in changes every lightsaber blade into a shorter blade of fire.  You can use it if you want, but for the full Vexor Zeth effect, don't.  With just 1fire_blades.pk3, you achieve the cool look of fire in the core of the lightsaber.

Once again, good work {THC}ShovelHead.  Though I personally don't recommend the no glow, I still think the fire affects are the coolest.  Without you and the work of Dark_Maul, I would not have been inspired to add my part to the Star Wars Universe.


****Only real glitch is that if you, by example, use cheats to get the jetpack in multiplayer, you'll see the origional jetpack "flash" through the jetpack on this model occasionally.  Oh well.****


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