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Well, here we have another kill tracker! This one, like the other kill trackers, is meant for keeping track of player stats, and playing mus...


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Well, here we have another kill tracker! This one, like the other kill trackers, is meant for keeping track of player stats, and playing music. I don't think it has a minimiser quite yet, I think it does.But, it does have some bugs. It does play music from an internal media player, or winamp, which I like, but that's not really a bug.

I get an error when I do the !kills command, or when I try to get "help" after loading a playlist. I also encountered several "File not found" errors. One thing: You don't need to do /name or whatever-command-it-is-that-I-forgot-because-I-don't-use-killtrackers. This detects what your player name is through the use of sending three or four fs_game commands. This does spam up your screen just a tiny bit, but it's not that bad.

Silencing the kill tracker automatically enables echoed feedback. Although when I did the !pause command it actually "chatted" the message. But the big thing here is that we have something new, and while buggy, looks very promising. One really cool feature that I saw was support for a webserver stat tracker. Now that's cool. Advertise your kills on the internet!


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Download 'vjaktinstaller.zip' (182KB)

*   				Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy						*
Title:vJA Kill Tracker
Creator: Vouksh
E-Mail: vouksh@vouksh.com
Version: 1.0
Website: http://www.vjakilltracker.uni.cc/
Games Supported: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
Filename: vJAKTInstaller.zip
Filesize: 180KB
Date Release: 8-21-2006
Requires: At least .NET 2.0. Available at 
*							  Credits								*
* JAM: For giving me a reason to make this. If it wasn't for his	*
* bugs in his KT, I wouldn't have had a reason to even try.			*
*																	*
* MauDae: Releasing his JK2 source code for me to spring off from.  *
* Everyone who helped me beta test this. Drew, l33ad, TheRock, 		*
* Tiapan, VirusVoid. You know who you are. =)						*

*							Installation							*
* Open the zip file and run the setup. The icon is placed on your 	*
* desktop. Simply double-click it, and change your preferences =)	*

*                 Using the actual kill tracker:					*
* To change your default colors and your messages, click the options*
* button. To manage the built-in media player, set the player option*
* in the options window and click the "MP3 Player" button in the	*
* main kill tracker window.											*

*                    Note about signing in:                         *
* You no longer need to manually sign-in. When you open the game,	*
* the kill tracker sends the fs_game command to find out which		*
* folder to look in for your configuration file, and gets your name *
* from that¬. It may seem as if it's spamming it, but it sends it	*
* multiple times to get around a few timing issues with the kill	*
* tracker not reading it right away. 

*                   Using the media player:							*
* After opening the kill tracker, make sure you have the built-in   *
* button checked in the options, and click the 'MP3 Player' button  *
* in the main window. To add songs, either click the 'Add File(s)'  *
* button and browse to them in the dialog box that comes up, or     *
* browse to them in your explorer and drag and drop the songs you   *
* want into your playlist. See the commands below to find out how   *
* to control the media player from in the game.                     *

*              How to setup online stat tracking:µ                  *
* If you would like to setup your own stat tracking service, please *
* be informed that is can, and will, take alot out of the connection*
* and physical machine that it is running on.						*
*																	*
* Now, onto the actual setup =)										*
* Please make sure you have downloaded the server files for the		*
* operating sytem your are wishing to run the server on.			*
* The Linux server requires a MySQL server, the Windows server		*
* requires SQL Server 2005, and the web version requires any server *
* with some kind of web server that supports PHP, with at least PHP4*
* and MySQL.														*
* The only that you are required to do with the software servers is *
* start the server and make sure your SQL login settings are correct*
* and that the database is created.									*
* For the PHP scripts, simply edit the config.php file with your    *
* MySQL login and database name, and make the database				*

!hide or !mini: Minimize JA.
!stats: Print out your stats for everyone to see.
!kills: Print out your kills and the kill-to-death ratio
!deaths: Print out your deaths and the kill-to-death ratio
!duels:	Print out your duel stats (duels won, lost, total, and 
	ratio [wins-to-losses])
!switchplayer: Switch between the built-in media player and 
	WinAmp control
!play or !play <partial song name>: Plays the currently 
	selected song, OR (only if using built-in player) play the 
	first song that contains the text specified.
!next: Play the next song.
!prev: Play the previous song.
!repeat: Turn on/off repeat (only if using built-in player)
!random: Turn on/off random song playing (only if using 
	built-in player)
!stop: Stop the music.
!savestats: Force the saving of your statistics (does this 
	automatically every minute and a half)
!silent: Turns on/off printing of death, kill, and duel messages
!power: Turns on/off the stat-tracking
!time: Displays the current time.
!cursong: Displays the currently playing song.
!playlist or !listsongs: Prints all the songs currently in 
	your playlist (Only for built-in player)
¬The ONLY thing that is scanned is your name. The kill tracker
does NOT look for passwords or logins. I'm a programmer, not a

µThe server software is currently under production, and are not
available at this time. If you wish to run a server in the
future, post on the official website, and we'll add you to a
mailing list.

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