Vladimir Katarn

Oh boy. Let me count the number of desaturated black-wearing Kyle Katarn reskins we have. Once again, this is a Kyle recolor, giving him...


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Oh boy. Let me count the number of desaturated black-wearing Kyle Katarn reskins we have.

Once again, this is a Kyle recolor, giving him greyish clothing and white-ish skin. He also sports some lizardy red slitted eyes, and a stream of blood coming from his right eye. Unfortunate this 'stream of blood' is rather pixelated, and not shaded much at all. To me it looks more like watered down red food coloring than blood.

Nothing much exciting was done with the clothing. In fact, if I were the author I would have increased the contrast a little. The shadows are definitely not deep enough. As far as skinning goes, the most interesting thing I can find with this skin is that he was given the impression of having pointy ears. I'm assuming (hoping) this was intentional, and it actually looks rather neat. The rest of the skin, however, seems a bit boring and overdone.

The sounds, which were apparently borrowed from Stingray's Kain model, really have me floored. They're a mix of reborn sounds and some homemade-sounding sounds, however these 'homemade' sounds are repeated many times, so they tend to feel very repetative. For instance each of the 3 taunts are exactly the same.

This skin's a start, but to be really good it just needs to be more original. Give him some new clothes or something. Anything to keep him from being a desaturated Kyle.

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This is a reskin of Kyle. I made him look like a vampire and 
used the sounds of Stingrays beautiful Kain model because I thought
they sounded good for each vampire :)
(This is my first skin I made in photoshop, so it looks better then my Cultist_Phantom (luckily lol))

Author: Merscil_KingArthur
emailadress: mersciln@hotmail.com


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New Sounds: YES

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