Wasteland is seemingly modelled on a similar theme as the singleplayer msision in the desret where Jaden is scampering around finding parts...


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Wasteland is seemingly modelled on a similar theme as the singleplayer msision in the desret where Jaden is scampering around finding parts for that ship he crashed for no reason at all. Now, everybody knows that Raven maps are of a fairly high quality, so it's no surprise that they managed it a good deal better than this map, especially the blending between the edges of the map and the skybox. Because, whilst the terrain is not too bad, and the water shader used is a far deal better than anything raven came up with, the edges of this map let it down tremendously. Not only does the sudden texture change look wierd, but the boxy edges just make me cringe.

The second problem is a problem that W4bird has been failing to attend to even since his much earlier maps. I pointed out it's ugliness then but apparently lighting is not all that important in maps nowadays. Yes, this map gets away with it slightly better than an indoor map, but it's plainly obvious when the map hasn't had a light compile, because everything is the same bland shade. No shadows, no glows, nada. Either that or he's used strong ambient lighting, which does exactly the same thing.

But that's enough criticism for one day. ;) The terrain itself is actually fairly neat, and from a distance where you can't see the edge easily and where you don't get distracted by the lighting, it actually looks alright. I did really like the coconut trees, which seemed a little out of place in a desert maybe, but still looked nice,as did the skybox. There are also several pieces of debris scattered around and a sort of pad where some...(desert-speeders?) are kept. I'm not going to go into the new skin on them because I might end up insulting someone, but.... if highly red hued skins are your thing, then these are for you. And also, there's no bot support. Damn.

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download '_wasteland_.zip' (17.27MB)

A Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Map
TITLE: Wasteland...
AUTHOR: W4rbird
E-MAIL: warbird2@interia.pl 
WEBSITE: http://www.indiglo.boo.pl

FILENAME: Wasteland.zip
DATE RELEASED: 29th March 2006

- Hirato: 2 textures used from his recent map - "Campi Flegrei" (http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Campi_Flegrei;57082), now renamed to: woda.jpg (water texture) and szader.jpg (environmental map texture) (ReadMe included);
- Robin "IZaNaGI" Molde: for his excellent skybox [available at: http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/9075.html] (ReadMe included);
- Activision/Pandemic Studios: music from Dark Reign II, one graphical element: skulk.jpg and 3 sounds, renamed to: eff1.wav, eff2.wav and eff4.wav;
- tFighterPilot: Snow Speeder model, I just recolored it a bit, to fit better to it's new environment ;) and altered it's (*)explosion sound [snow speeder available at: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/SnowSpeedertFP;21236] (ReadMe included);
- a few textures are borrowed from Sith-J-Cull (treetops.jpg, ply.jpg, vol1.jpg, piasek.tga, skaly.tga);
- Sierra/Relic Studios: 2 artworks from 'Homeworld' game (karan_sjet.jpg and karan_sjet2.jpg);
- SG_Barada:  one texture used from his 'Hitler' skin (http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Hitler;22319) - over_energy.jpg (ReadMe included);
- Unknown Author: 2 melee sounds;
- (*)LucasArts/BioWare: 1 sound file renamed to 'wybuch.wav';
- BlackIsle: 1 sound file renamed to 'boom.wav';
- Raven Software/LucasArts Entertainment Company: for everything else.
||Any other elements were made by me, so I mentioned about everything and everyone.||
INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Unpack archive and place .pk3 file in /Base folder.

DESCRIPTION: The Great Wasteland of Nowhere ® :) Sand, sand, sand, junk piles, sand, sand, sand, some palm trees and other plants, sand, sand, sand, some hungry creatures, sand, sand, sand, some weapons :P, sand, sand, sand, contaminated water, sand, sand, sand, death, bones, flesh, sand, sand, sand, neverending wind, sand, sand, sand, sun and high temperature, sand, sand, sand, deadly radiation, sand, sand, sand... sand everywhere, 'he' always been there... sand, sand, sand... Well, it's not so bad down there :P Basicaly, it's an open-area, ffa-based map. Good for pwning :P and movie making. It's isn't very large, but you can fly quite high, though. Did I say fly? Yes, there are 3 speeders. There are also one swoop. Beware of local creatures encounters.
New Sounds: Yes
New Music: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Shaders: Yes
Game Type: FFA
New Effects: Yes
Bot support: I beg for mercy: NO! 

BUGS: Look --> 'Comments'.

PROGRAMS USED: EasyGen 1.42, GTK Radiant 1.4.0

COMMENTS: Well, map was tested in the clean /Base folder so, no errors occured.


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