Water Realm

Bah, a first map. Well, I know I’ve said it before, but this typical first map isn't really the kind of map that people will be looking to d...


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Bah, a first map. Well, I know I’ve said it before, but this typical first map isn't really the kind of map that people will be looking to download. I can probably sufficiently describe it with one word - box. Okay, so in reality it's a box with 4 bridges going nowhere over a small pool of water, but for what you need to know, it's basically a hollowed-out cube… with a shiny wall.

Not bot support to be found here, and no background music. Ah yes, and those models the author used for bridges weren't clipped properly. First off, you want the ‘physics_clip’ shader, not just 'clip.' Secondly, try and get the shape of the clip brush a little closer to that of the actual bridge - that way you can't stand in midair near the bridge because you will fall off. ;) Well, at least there are some fire effects which make the room a tiny bit less dull.

This is what everyone expects when you hear the word 'first map' - it’s to be expected really, so I'm not going to rant or anything, but finish by pointing out that this kind of map isn't really something that should be publicly released - if the author works more privately, gives out some betas to friends, get some improvements, and then releases a map, it's much better for the community, and I get to review a much better map :)

New Textures: No New Sounds: No Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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Download 'waterrealm.zip' (546KB)


Map name - Water Realm
BSP - water.bsp
Creator/Author - [email protected] -- ZeltaKnights
Contact - [email protected]
Gametype - Duel, FFA, Powerduel.
Botroute - No
File size - 500kb or 0.5MB
Date released - 12 December 2005 AEST 6:06pm

Textures - No
Models - No
Music - No
Shaders - No

 I would like to thank my friend Nick for giving me the programs to make this. THANKS NICK;)

..:Map Info:..
Water Realm is my first duel map. At first I only made it to test the water since ive only had this program for 5 days now.
I decided to upload it to the internet so people can look at what I made. Its nuthing good or anything just another duel map.
But it worked out alright in the end.

The map is surrounded by a large amount of water. 
There is a floating platform above the water this is the duel ring obviously.
There is also four bridges where you will spawn.
Also behind each bridge is a lump of solid ground you can jump on to get out of the water.
There is also four lit lamps in all four corners of the duel ring.

I like this map as you can fight on land and in water. 
However the water will drain your life eventually.

This is my first duel map and it was just a test to see if I knew how to make water work:p 
Remember I just got this program. Anyway, this is the usual duel map with its unique feel.
My FFA Map will be coming soon. It's quite fun for my first creation.

Place the waterrealm.pk3 into your Jediacademy\gamedata\base.

To uninstall obivously do the opposite from above. 
Or if you still dont understand, delete waterrealm.pk3 from Jediacademy\gamedata\base



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