This is a large CTF Map. There are the standard 2 bases, each with their own fully fitted rancor pit and state of the art flag base. :) In b...


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This is a large CTF Map. There are the standard 2 bases, each with their own fully fitted rancor pit and state of the art flag base. :) In between the 2 bases, there is a decent sized outdoor area, and a host of tunnels and corridors. While the inside areas look very polished and are well designed, the outside area feels very enclosed, because it seems to have grass walls... :confused: Anyway, this is a very nice map, as it's fun to play, and is very creative. There is no music to go with the map, and because I am so used to hearing something, the atmosphere of this map seemed kinda lame. :( Apart from this, and a few mapping errors (i.e cracks between the odd joint) this is a great map - It has bot support so you can play well on your own (although you will need to play with a fair few or you will simply not find em ;) ) It has a few new textures which work well with the theme, and overall this is a very enjoyable map to play. It needs a little more atmosphere and the walls in the outside area look stupid, but I can't complain when everything else is pretty much spot-on. :)

~Szico VII~

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Download 'wayland.zip' (5.58MB)

November 19th 2003
Map Name   : "CTF_Wayland"
Author     :  Darth T-Bone & Lord Kaan
Email      :  jkoholocron@yahoo.com/ or Terry@perkwerx.com/
Website    :  http://www.geocities.com/jkoholocron/

Map description:
- For JA. Supports All Weapon Full Force CTF and has complete bot support. 

Authors Notes:
- We made this map to offer a fully bot supported custom CTF map for JA. We are not professional mappers, mapping in JA is a hobby and we have fun in doing so. We welcome all constructive critisism.
- 2 secret areas  
- This is a large map: learn the map to coordinate offense & defense - there isn't a bottleneck (a single area) for a player to camp, so keep moving!
- Have fun (and do nothing else!)

Additional Credits to:
- Darth Remo .
- Darth Rascal
Thanks to:
- Mrs Darth T-Bone.
- Mrs Lord Kaan 

Beta testors:
- Pizza the Hutt
- Psyjack
- Darth Wrongway
- OnlyJeff Spicolli
- Jango Fettuccini 

*Play Information*

New Sounds   : No 
New Textures : Yes
New Models   : No 
Bot Support  : Of course!


Built with 1_01 patch installed
Brush Count             : 3229
Entity Count            : 841
Base info               : designed from scratch.
Software used           : GTK Radiant, Photoshop 
Known Bugs              : None known
Build Time              : A few weeks. Working on it off and on
Compile Time            : 32 min's/40 sec's  
Developement Machine    : AMD Barton 2.8GHZ, GF4Ti 4600 & AMD 1.6GHZ                           GF3Ti200 128 (North Carolina & California)

*How to use this map*

Place the Wayland.pk3 into your base folder and select from the ingame menu. To un-install delete the Wayland.pk3 from the base folder. 

*Copyright / Permissions*


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