WB Academy - Fists of Fury

Well this is different! For those of you who like melee you'll love this, it's almost Streetfigher-esque. This neat little mod gives you t...


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Well this is different! For those of you who like melee you'll love this, it's almost Streetfigher-esque. This neat little mod gives you the ability to use fists instead of the sabers, and not just as in melee, instead you get fists like sabers - but without the saber! Quantum Surge was my personal favorite, the dual stance gives you two glowing hands that if you perform a special with, spin round just like the sabers would, but instead appear as balls of fire/lightning, looks very cool!

Another cool thing is as you run around, your flaming/burning, whatever, fists leave trails behind them, most noticable were the acid hands that leave a green and black trail.

Unfortunately as the readme says, this mod still relies heavily on the standard saber animations, so unless you use dual stance, you'll get some pretty weird affects! Performing a single heavy stance attack with glowing hands looks rather odd!

However, the vast number of new effects and sounds greatly outweight that little problem and it's a great alternative to sabers. It's like playing Mortal Kombat mixed with a bit of Dungeons and Dragons or some other strange combination.

What I would suggest is remove the saber marks from the floors/walls in the next version, and remove the sounds, all of this can be done using the .sab files thanks to the 1.01 patch.

Oh Luke, Tavion, Kyle and the Imperial officer will all use the new stuff as well which makes it far more interesting!

Almost forgot this too! Lightning has been replaced with Force Flame or something like that, new sound effects for that too - but they're quite irritating admittedly, too repetative in a droning fashion.


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Download 'wba-fury.zip' (3.02MB)

WB Academy - Fists of Fury

A Jedi Academy MOD assembled by Covax
Presented by Writer's Block Media

Title			: WB Academy - Fists of Fury
Author			: Covax, various others
Web Page		: http://www.writersblockmedia.com
Author E-Mail		: [email protected]

File Names		: WBA-Fury.pk3
File Size		: 3.1 Mb
Date Released		: 09/12/2003


Ok, this is a proof-of-concept mod which will be a part of a new WBA weapons pack. I've replaced the first 5 single light sabers with various 'charged fist' effects as opposed to a light saber. I belive this is a cool frist step for both kung fu mods (like The Matrix) as well as 'super power' mods (like Dragon Ball Z/X-Men). It is recomended that you either use two 'fists' together, or a saber/fist combo. A fist by itelf just looks wierd with the current animations.

Included are various blood and/or damage effects, some sounds as well as an 'Agent' to play around with. Also, I've got the standard Force Flame replacing the Lightning and Tavion's staff now shoots out a 'flame beam'.

[Weapons Replaced]

	Saber 1		- 'Flame Fist'
			- The name speeks for itself
			- This also replaces the Sith Sword, because it's a cool scene...

	Saber 2		- 'Quantum Surge'
			- The power that Quantum Kights (long story) draw upon.

	Saber 3		- 'Acid Radical'
			- A green cloud of vapourus acid

	Saber 4		- 'Psi Focus' 
			- Spiritual strenght made manifest.

	Saber 5		- 'Open Fist'	
			- No weapons? No problem.
			- Since you have nothing to throw the alt-attack is the kick.


	Agent		- Original skin by Kingpin
			- This replaces the Imperial Officer, and gives him 'kung fu skill'. He's not too tough but just 			tough enough, spawn 5 and you'll apreciate a light saber more...
			- to spawn him type:

				npc spawn impofficer

			or bind a key (in this example the Q key) with:

				bind q npc spawn impofficer

	Kyle		- Uses 'Open Fist' style, both hands.

	Luke &Kyle_Boss	- Uses a saber in the right hand and fist with the left.

	Possesed Tavion	- Uses two Flaming Fists.


	Unpack in your /GameData/base folder, should work automatically.

	The new swords will show up in the menu. If you want to change weapons using cheats andable cheets with 'devmapall' 	and type 'saber single_<1-5>' for the effetcs. So if you want the Open Fist aka Kung Fu mode sword type:

		saber single_5 single_5
	or if you want a saber on the right hand and fist on the left it's:

		saber single_7 single_5

(Keep up the good work guys!)

	'Melee Mod v1.0' by Slice, Dice and Mince

	'Burning Hand Technique' by {THC}ShovelHead

	'5AMURA1 Stances' by Evan Clover

	'Flamethrower beta v.1' by Dark Reaper

[Errors, Bugs and Issues]

	1	- This is not a 'play tested and balanced final build' mod (that's what you guys are for..), rather it's a 		quick and dirty assembly of ideas. The effects are not power balanced realisticaly. They will be in 			future mods. Feel free to report errors or to make suggestions.
	2	- Mutliplayer has not been 100% playtested.

	3	- This will be inclued in my next weapons pack, which will NOT replace any of the light sabers.

	4	- I'd really like someone to tinker with the animations so it looks more like actual kung-fu punches.	

[Legal Disclamer]

	1	- In no way am I suggesting that I sigularly created any of the effects. Knowing me I probably forgot 			someone. If you see elemets of you own work in this MOD that has not been credited let me know ASAP and I'll 		provide due credit.

	3	- Feel free to use any aspect of this MOD, but know full well that it's based on other people's work.


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