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It was always a pleasure working with Covax on every project I had the privilege of helping him with. Now he brings us a nice conversion...


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It was always a pleasure working with Covax on every project I had the privilege of helping him with. Now he brings us a nice conversion of the Dragon Remix mod (by using the weapons in said mod) for a mod I assume he will presumably be releasing (SOON!!!!).

There are so many changes here it's hard to tell you where to start. Every weapon (mostly) has been replaced by a non-energy weapon from the Dragon Remix mod (pretty much all single sabers have) along with effects and everything else I can think of (except some sounds).

He did note that (and I noticed) there are quite a few bugs with some of the weapons. If anyone out there (hint: myself if I had time) is willing to help Covax and co. iron these bugs out, by all means contact him!

Overall greatness? Probably not, no. Well on its way? Definitely.

- Chrono

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Download 'wba-weptest.zip' (7.08MB)

WB Academy - Weapons Test

A Jedi Academy MOD assembled by Covax
Presented by Writer's Block Media

Title			: WB Academy - Weapons Test
Author			: Covax, various others (see Source)
Web Page		: http://www.writersblockmedia.com
Author E-Mail		: [email protected]

File Names		: WBA-Wep.pk3
File Size		: 8 Mb
Date Released		: 31/10/2003


This is a test for getting some of the cool weapons collected in the Dragon Remix mods to work in Jedi Academy. This will replace most guns, sabers and effects. 

	- Most of the standard sabers and guns have been replaced. Most text has been changed to reflect this.
	- The Blaster Pistol, Rifle and Demp have increades fire rates as well as a boost in ammo.
	- Sparks and smoke replaced by blood. Stumps are dark red rather than yellow.
	- Every one of the weapons leaves a butn mark.
	- Force Lightning replaced with a Fire effect.


	Unpack in your /GameData/base folder, should work automatically.

[Weapons and Effects]


Blaster Pistol		- 'Mach Pistol' by Magnetixxx
			- Uses 'Bullets' based off of 'Shuriken Set 1.5' by Laghima

Bryar Pistol		- '.357 Magnum' by Lord Hatrus

Blaster Rifle		- 'AK-47' by Master Cheif

Bowcaster		- Uses 'Arrows' based off of 'Shuriken Set 1.5' by Laghima

G.A. Flechette		- 'SPAS-12 Shotgun' by Lord Hatrus and Master Cheif

Disruptor Rifle		- 'SIG 501 Sniper Rifle' by Master Cheif
			- Alt-fire blows people up

Demp 2			- 'Flamethrower Effects' by Covax and David B

Imperial Repeater	- 'M4 Rifle' by Master Cheif
			- also uses 'Bullets' based off of 'Shuriken Set 1.5' by Laghima

Gun Impact Effetcs	- by Covax and Quigon007

	Melle Weapons:

Saber 1		- 'Daywalker Sword' by Magnetixxx, shader by Leper Messiah

Saber 2		- 'Silver Katana' based off 'Katana MOD v1.1' by Ages120, reskin by Covax
		- Kyle Katarn has this sword as a default

Saber 3		- 'Zatoichi' by Laghima
		- also the default weapon for Luke

Saber 4		- 'Red Eagle' by Charmin Deluxe and BXpress
		- Alora will use a pair of these

Saber 5		- 'Blackwolf Sword' based off of 'Ranger Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay	

Saber 6		- 'Thanatos Sword' based off of 'Ring Wraith Sword' by Sephiroth__VII and KOTORMRJay

Saber 7		- 'Mjolnir Hammer' by Koloth Jar

Saber 8		- 'Kama' by Laghima
		- note that these blades 'stick out forward' unlike normal swords.

Saber 9		- 'Toru Katana' by Laghima
		- also the default weapon for most Reborn

Dual Saber 1	- 'Naganita' by Laghima
		- this is the default weapon for Reborn using a dual-bladed saber

Dual Saber 2	- 'Gandalf's Staff' by Madjai
		- this also replaces the Tusken staff

Dual Saber 3	- 'Saruman's Staff' by Madjai
		- this replaces the Sith Scepter 

Dual Saber 4	- 'Ji Halberd' by Laghima	

Dual Saber 5	- This hilt has not been altered, so don't bother using it.

Dessan's Saber	- 'Shadow Sword' by Sephiroth__VII, reskin by Covax


Gun		- by Psycho Mantis and Magnetixxx
Explosives	- 'Jedi Knight 2 To Quake III Arena Weapons Mod' compiled by Chris Sharpe
Swords		- 'Katana' by Ages120, 'Buster Sword' by Nick D, 'Tusken Raider' by Major Clod
Force Powers	- 'Dark Alliance' by Blaster

[Mics Source Material]

	'Starfire's Dismemberment Mod' by Starfire
	'Flamethrower beta v.1' by Dark Reaper

[Other Mods to consider]
	Reccomended Map:
		'The Zeus Academy Ladder' by Zeus

	Reccomended Animation Mod:
		'5AMURA1 Stances' by Evan Clover

[Errors, Bugs and Issues]

	1	- This is not a 'play tested and balanced final build' mod, rather it's a quick and dirty assembly of ideas. 		If you find some errors or wish to make suggestions feel free.

	2	- Both the Ji and Naganita are not held in the 'middle' of the staff. This can cause a playbalance issue (Ji 		Halberd vs Mjonlir would be a pain...). A real modeler is needed to fix this.

	3	- The SIG and M4 guns, when used by the Player, do not shoot from the right place (it's hard to notice in 1st 		person). A real modeler is needed to fix this.

	4	- I haven't found a way to fully enable dismamberment (like slicing heads off in Dragon Remix) without having 		to use console 	commands. I'm workin' on it.

[Legal Disclamer]

	1	- In no way am I suggesting that I sigularly created any of the skins or models. Knowing me I probably forgot 		someone. If you see elemets of you own work in this MOD that has nto been  credited let me know ASAP and I'll 		provide due credit. 

	2	- I don't plan to take credit for this MOD, rather I just want to push for more SP MODs.

	3	- Fell free to use any aspect of this MOD, but know full well that it's based on other people's work. Contact 		me for credit questions.


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