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You may recall a recent reskin of the model, but now we have the original. I have some praises and some beefs with this model. First, the...


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You may recall a recent reskin of the model, but now we have the original. I have some praises and some beefs with this model.

First, the praises. The idea itself is really unique. I love how the author went as far as to make the backwards legs and the wolf head. The fur texturing wasn't too bad, either. Of course it could have been better, but it served its purpose. I didn't really understand the thing in the middle of his abdomen, though. For me it kind of took away from the skin rather than adding to it.

Now for the beefs. First of all, the sounds. They're not bad, they're just recycled. I know one sound the author used for about half of the sounds, including (but not limited to) jump, land, pain, choke, pushed, etc. Secondly, I noticed some areas on the model that weren't weighted carefully enough, so you could see the cracks between the faces of the model. Thirdly, the legs. While I love the idea, it wasn't executed all that well. If the werewolf were really standing that way I think he'd fall over backwards, because his center of balance is off.

Overall it's a very unique model and a good addition to any collection. It's a bit older, but now that we have it gracing our file directory I'm excited to see what new things Shady-D has made since.

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Since no1 reads the readme's i used reverse physcology ;) XD

Werewolf By Shady-D
Contact: roopramdennis@hotmail.com (also msn)
Instructions: Hurr easy, just extract werewolf.pk3 in yer base
and yer done :)
Description:   Well.... Its a werewolf... :) hunched legs huge claws.
In case u dont know what a werewolf is (could be :P) read on :).
A werewolf is a (wo)man who turns into a wolf when he see's a full moon.
He pretty much goes beserk from that point. So a werewolf is basically
a wolfman ^^ .........

Model: Shady-D
Skin: Chryonic, (MW) innocent Hawk
BetaTester: Yoshi
sound: Yoshi (Site Link: http://users.adelphia.net/~wrenn123/Dusty Beanbag)

HE-UGE thnx to Chryonic
who kept flaming my work until it was perfect! ^.^
Not made by RAVEN bla bla bla, u know teh stuff ;)

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