Does everyone remember Shady-D's werewolf model? I do...sort of...anyways, here's version two, made completely from scratch! And now we ge...


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File Description

Does everyone remember Shady-D's werewolf model? I do...sort of...anyways, here's version two, made completely from scratch! And now we get a bigger, badder, and cooler werewolf to play around with!

Let me just say that is was kind of cool to run around as a werewolf. I liked this model. The legs are distinctly canine in origin, and the head of the model looks very vicious. The model itself is very unique, and looks a lot more like I think a werewolf would look like that than the previous model. The only issues I had with this model was with the leg deformation, but I can excuse that, since having legs of that shape make for freaky deformations, no matter how you weight them. The other thing that I kind of found weird was the skinning. It doesn't really look like fur to me, but I don't know much about skinning. Still, this model looks great, and the sounds are awesome.

Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Oh Yeah ;) NPC Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes SP Support: No, sorry. :(


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Werewolf V2 By Shady-D
Contact: roopramdennis@hotmail.com (also msn)
Instructions: Hurr easy, just extract werewolf_V2.pk3 in yer base
and yer done :)
Description: Well.... Its a werewolf... :) hunched legs huge claws.
In case u dont know what a werewolf is (could be :P) read on :).
A werewolf is a (wo)man who turns into a wolf when he see's a full moon.
He pretty much goes beserk from that point. So a werewolf is basically
a wolfman ^^ .........

Thats the old description, and it still stands.. Cept for this time its a complete new model from scratch, unfortunatly
the werewolf didnt fit the jka skeleton nicely and i had to murder the model to make him fit.. His legs are completely messed up now
i missed an edge there but im too lazy to fix that..
There are probably some other bugs in there but.. yeah.. Enjoy?
Team Support: yeah
Sounds: Great ones
NPC: Yep
Bot Support: yessir!
SP Support: Nope


Model: Shady-D
Skin: Shady-D
Sounds, Shaders, Misc: Innocent Hawk

Big thanks to Inno Hawk for forcing me to finish this and helping me out with the shaders and sounds, and bot and NPC and stuff like that..
Not made by RAVEN bla bla bla, u know teh stuff ;)

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