White Odyssey

The Christmas spirit is here! Unless there's a better map on the way, I dub this one the official christmas map for this year. According to...


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The Christmas spirit is here! Unless there's a better map on the way, I dub this one the official christmas map for this year. According to the author, this is a 4-day project. I have to say, it's very impressive for that. I would like to congratulate the author on a speedy map that is actually good. It's very easy to see how Blueice Twilight inspired this map. Where to begin...

I'll start with the layout. There are three main areas. All of them are outdoors, and all of them are at least somewhat blue. One is a bridge over a chasm, another is a short road in a large ditch that opens up to a larger area, and the last one is the main area, containing a house and most of the goodies. All three had very nice terrain work. I can't say for sure how the terrain was made, but it looks very nice.

Starting with the road in a ditch area. It's very small, but if you open up the door at the side, you'll have access to a nice, large, open area. At the far end, you'll find Santa's sleigh. I don't know if maybe his reindeer ran out of fuel and crashed and he left to get his insurance information, or if he's still loading up the presents, but in any case, they're scattered all over the ground. I wanted to open them so badly...too bad my lightsaber couldn't get through the outer shell. What ARE those things wrapped in?

Next up is the bridge. There's a road crossing a chasm, and on the other side are plenty of trees. I didn't see any guardrails on the bridge. There's a balloon that floats around over the bridge and out over the chasm from which you can get a nice view of the place. There's not a whole lot to do here, though.

The main area was the really nice part. One of the cool things is the slide up near the top. If you go down it, it throws you up in the air and lands you directly on the frozen pond. There's a tauntaun spawner behind the house, and a small graveyard. There are several huge presents piled up in one area, and there are many presents around trees elsewhere. There's also a fire pit in a small clearing.

Now, on the side of improvements. Since this was a quick thrown-together project for Christmas, I highly doubt we'll see a version 2, but still, it's nice to give some points to improve.

First off, the presents were all made with brushes. Because of this, they couldn't be rotated without misfitting the textures. I woud suggest converting them to ASE models and making good use of the autosolid option, that way they can be rotated or scaled any way you like. The piles would look so much more realistic. I would also suggest a higher-resolution texture on the bricks and crates, it would make everything look more clear and uniform.

As a final note, a notice was passed on to me from Crazy, who got it from the author: they said that you can use their work, just give them credit for what you take. They forgot to include it in the readme, so it's up here in the review.

Well, that's all I have to say. If you want a christmas map this year, this is it!

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes New Models: Yes New Scripts: No Bot Support: Yes Gametype: FFA


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Download 'white_odyssey.zip' (17.57MB)

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: White Odyssey
AUTHOR: Azenin
E-MAIL: azenin@azenin.com
Xfire: lordkelborn
Clan Website: www.lsl-clan.com
Personal Website: www.azenin.com
Server IP:

FILENAME: white_odyssey_v1.pk3
FILESIZE: 18.2 mb
Gametype : FFA

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the white_odyssey_v1.pk3 file into your gamedata/base folder.

Description: This is my first outdoor map. Saturday night I was learning terrain, just testing it, and then I couldn't stop. I wanted to make a map out of these 3 pieces
of terrain that I have made, also because Christmas was approaching So here it is, the map itself is small, of course it would be on a 3-4 day budget. I tried adding cameras 
inside of the home but they caused horrible fps so I removed them. This map is mostly outdoors, there is one indoor area, the house; the house is basically the admin room. 
There is one main area, that you can use to rp a little. There is 2 other areas, one is called 'Black Mountain', it is a giant ridge over a canyon with a hot air 
ballon floating by, you can jump on it for a ride. The other area is an highway, but it's blocked off. You can however go into the cliff and come out the other side into 
a big field. In the field you will find presents and Santa's sleigh.

This is one of the 3 projects Im working on at the moment. There are very much larger than this, and have way more interactivity. Remember, I started this map
Saturday night. I spent about 4-5 hours a day working away at this. Half of it fixing glitches (grr). Next year I may work on V2, which will be alot larger. But that
is in the future. I would of put alot more into this but time is always against me. If I had another week, I would of added Santa's workshop[just exterior), snowball
fight forts, fair, an elf town, a ski slope, a small mountain to climb, maybe in V2. :D

Comments/Suggestions, e-mail me with the address posted above.
* File Information *

New Models: Yes
New Music: Yes
New Textures: Yes
Bot Support: Yes


Szico Vii - My gay teacher, I got the inspiration from his Blueice Twilight map to make this, thank you my friend for teaching me alot. Also wanted
to thank him for letting me use some of his textures and for beta testing. And for telling me... inapprorpiate things. And also for his brutish way
of shoving grammer down people's throats.
Jenova Rebirth & Buffy - For the present textures.
Shadowlink - My personal glitch hunter, he found alot of glitches unseen to the eye.
DarthBug - For Beta Testing
Moo Moo - For Beta testing
Nandez - For Beta Testing
Crazy Assassin - For Beta Testing
Anyone else who I have forgotten. :P

-If you do not see the textures on the house, or the crates then you need to download Szico Vii's map, BlueIce Twilight.



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