Widowmaker Custom Saber Hilts

=_=..AHEM *rings gong*

Now then, our fresh pack of altar material is nothing short of evil. Three primary weapons, two models.



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=_=..AHEM *rings gong*

Now then, our fresh pack of altar material is nothing short of evil. Three primary weapons, two models.

The Reaper is a typical longsword, decently crafted, nothing of incredible flare. The Ripper is a scaled down version of the sword into a shortsword, modded for speed and other factors.

The Widowmaker is a larger modified version of the weapon, blessed with both the staff and dual stances to be available to it. And yes, it's modded for speed.

Along with this pack are a couple extra bonuses mentioned in the readme. IF YOU DEMAND MORE SWORDS,(I know I can't have enough because I keep breaking the damn things.)THEN DESTROY FILEFRONT WITH YOUR BANDWIDTH REQUESTS.

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'jkjaadwidowmaker.zip' (6.36MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Widowmaker Custom Saber Hilts
AUTHOR: Darth Aesthetica
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAMES: Z-AD-Widowmaker.pk3 Z-AD-WidowmakerNPCs.pk3 RevanDark_Blood_for_Swords.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 13 June 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the pk3's to the gamedata/base folder of your Jedi Academy directory. 


Custom 'saber' hilts for JK:JA. You get 3 hilts, each with two single player varients (bounce on walls and no bounce) and a multiplayer version (no bounce). You also get 3 'product demonstrator' bots, and 3 npcs, plus a custom twilek skin (because the bots needed something to wear, it's a bit naff, but it was a quick'n'dirty job) that can also be used as a player character.

Revan Dark's 'Blood for Swords' mod has also been included in the zip (In a seperate pk3) wich adds blood effects for the swords, and causes blood to squirt out of severed limbs in single player. If you do not wish to use the blood mod, don't put it in your Jedi Academy's Base folder. 

There are a total of 3 weapons in this Weapon pack: 
Widowmaker - Two handed sword, in the 16thC 'zweihander' style, single player - open console, activate cheats, and use the 'saber ad-widowmaker' or 'saber ad-widowmaker-nb' (for the no wall bounce version) commands
Reaper - Hand and a half sword, in a matching 16thC style, single player - open console, activate cheats, and use the 'saber ad-reaper' or 'saber ad-reaper-nb' (for the no wall bounce version) commands

Ripper - Short sword, in a matching 16thC style, single player - open console, activate cheats, and use the 'saber ad-ripper ad-ripper' or 'saber ad-ripper-nb ad-ripper-nb' (for the no wall bounce version) commands for dual sabers.

A word on 'game balancing'. These sabers differ from standard sabers, BUT... I created a series of identical bots, some armed with standard single, dual and staff sabers, and some armed with widowmaker, reaper, and dual ripper sabers, and ran an exaustive series of test games, no guns, no force, maps with no falling or crushing. The weapons were adjusted untill the custom saber team were losing by about 18 kills to 20. So these sabers, despite their non standard blade lengths, knockback scales etc. persorm about 10% less effective than standard sabers in the hands of bots.

Why would you want to use a -10% saber? Well, you are not a bot... You can take better advantage of the weapons differing characters. These are not super sabers, they won't turn you into a 'leet saber god'. If you're crap, you will still be crap, but, for those of you who are skilled, and take the time to aclimatise, these sabers should offer you a cool look, and fast and furious combat.

Ripper - Single Saber. Blade length 20 (half the standard length), does much less knockback than the others, being small and light, however it is faster, and does increased damage (to compensate for the short blades), best used in pairs or with another blade. For those who like to get up close and personal and don't mind taking some damage providing they get to dish some out in return. Bonus to parry (for speed) penalty to locks and parry breaks (small n light).

Reaper - Single Saber. Blade length 42 (thats the length of the mesh, I didn't feel like re-editing just for the extra 2), does standard damage , does knockback. Your standard sword. Bonus to parry, parry breaks and locks due to the guard and hilt rings.

Widowmaker - Staff Saber. Blade length 52 plus blunt 2nd blade in the hilt (for hilt bashing and for staf saber style switching), length 12 (thats a total of 64, same as a standard staff saber, but with nothing in between, so its shorter). Does knockback, and slight increased damage. The ready stance, kata and special moves are non standard (practice BEFORE that important duel). Bonus to parry. break parry and lock (for the size, hilt rings and guard, and because you only have one usable blade...). Combat Tip - Straff early, straff often, and use the style switching...

There are 3 bots included, with Widowmaker, Reaper, and Dual Ripper respectively, and 3 NPC's for SP play (open the console 'npc spawn gothlekka' or gothlekka2 or gothlekka3). The NPC's definition file is in a separate pk3, in case you have too many npc's installed (eg. you get the message 'cannot spawn npc weequay' in SP mode).

The bot/npc outfit is available for player use via the custom character profile window in MP or just pick the 'default' icon from the list, or as normal in SP. Team support included via red/blue options for the default, or via colour tinting for the custom character. The shaders look a bit naff in the character selection window (they are a bit naff) but look better in the actual game, especially if the level has moody high contrast lighting. 

Two head options in a choice of 2 lekka positions, 4 torsos with a choice of 2 skirts (or none) and 3 armour options for the left arm, 3 hip options with a choice of boot styles. Enough to outfit an entire MP clan of Goth Twilek Sith Sword Girlies of Death!

Thw swords use Revan Dark's audio/visual sword effects (clangs n sparks etc., can't improve on perfection!), and I've included his 'Blood for Swords' mod for the SP player who wants to paint the town red...

Big thank you to Revan Dark (E-MAIL: [email protected]), without his work this mod would not have been possible.

If you want to reskin the blades, or include them in a mod, or with a character skin, feel free, just bundle this readme with them. If you want to rework the twilek skin, say into a clan skin or whatever, feel free. 

If you have any comments or questions, why not PM me at artzone.daz3d.com user name 'AestheticDemon', or just check out my cgi picture gallery.

This is my first submitted JA pack, so be kind...

Darth Aesthetica.

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