Wøtw Official Stances

Hello, Ladies and Gents, I have for you all a stance mod!

This is a simple one that changes the basic stances for all the sabers. Since I...


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Hello, Ladies and Gents, I have for you all a stance mod!

This is a simple one that changes the basic stances for all the sabers. Since I am a bit lazy, and it is a whole lot easier on both me and whoever reads this, just take a look at the screenshots to see how they are changed.

The only real error I noticed was in the stance for the bomb weapons. The arm holding the weapon appears to have been squashed just above the elbow. Other than that, things work fine. I like the stances, but, I don't think I will be keeping this little mod over my own unreleased custom stance mod...

Give it a download if you like the look of it.


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Download 'wotwstances.zip' (2.47MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Wøtw Official Stances
AUTHOR: Wøtw*Parasite*SC
E-MAIL: ghergert@sw.rr.com
WEBSITE: http://wotwclan.tk

FILENAME: WotwSaberStances.pk3
FILESIZE: 11.2 kb
DATE RELEASED: 17 June 2007

CREDITS: I'd Like to thank Darth Zappa for creating an excellent map in which i choose to take my screenshots
And I'd Like to thank Intrepid and Triksa for helping compile ideas for these stances

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Firstly, After you download this file, take the pk3 and place it in your base folder or your japlus folder, either will be fine =)

DESCRIPTION: This file contains the new stances with your lightsaber. The stances are NOT new forms of combat, they are simly the way you grasp your saber's hilt
Single Stance-A new red, yellow, and blue stance was created. Red looks like as if the saber is behind your back, ready to swing. Yellow looks as if the saber was held to the side for faster swinging, and an arm streched out in front. Blue seems as if the character leans to the side as his saber drags the floor.
Dual Saber Stance- The Stance for the dual sabers is a simple one, the blades are crossed overhead as if to block an oncomming attack.
Staff Stance- This stance was created as if a person were holding a blade of this sort. The blade is behind the back, ready to swing at ease while the other hand is infront and acts as a weight.

BUGS: This mod has no bugs as of yet.

COMMENTS: The stances were created by Parasite. These stances were created by looking at the modview frame of a certain animation scheme. I wrote down the frame and went into my _humanoid folder and input the frame number into the animevents cfg. The stances I believe in animevents are Both_SaberStanceSLOW And Both_SaberStanceFAST. However yellow was harder to find, it was something like Both_Stand, somethign along those lines. Be Sure To Make A Copy Of Animevents And Place It In A New PK3! If you redo it in the base pk3, assets1, your animations will look like that forever. Thank You For Downloading And Have Fune with the stances =)


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