Wrecked Alien Spacecraft

It's not often that I know what I'll dream about each night, but I guarantee you I'll be having nightmares tonight. Jadogoth's map will...


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It's not often that I know what I'll dream about each night, but I guarantee you I'll be having nightmares tonight. Jadogoth's map will make an appearance. And the sounds will haunt me tonight. I couldn't even get through the whole map. I kept hearing these sounds ... and the music didn't help either! I swear, I need to stop opening the pk3 to see what's in there before exploring a map. I see something titled "alien scream" and I go into the map, already freaked out. I know there's something in this map that was waiting to scare the living crap out of me. So I took screenshots as quickly as possible and devmapped the next map ASAP. What I did find though, in my limited time spent in this map is that Jadogoth really knows how to map. And he either has a great imagination or is an alien himself and this is his ship that crashed here several years ago and he's designed this map from memory.

It's a very blue map. There are big doors throughout the ship that open and close loudly. You'll find some glass pods in a room with just a wonderfully intricate ceiling. GAH! Okay, I was walking through the corridors and as I rounded a corner, suddenly a force field popped up in one area. I turned to go back the other way and found myself trapped. At this point, I squeaked, then covered my eyes and waited to be eaten by some alien. Fortunately, the force fields came up and I continued. Of course, when things like that happen, you KNOW something around the next corner will eat you. But nothing did. Obviously I was being set up. So I entered the next room which had sparks flying and I kept hearing things scratching or scuttling around. Eventually, I found my way through some other small corridors and into a very dark room with a pulsing light and it was about that time I noclipped for the rest of the screenshots and got the hell out of there. This is a GREAT map and I suggest you all play it. Then tell me if anything jumps out and eats you, or if I'm just paranoid.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Download 'spacecraft_jado.zip' (8.26MB)

Map Name: Wrecked Alien Spacecraft (.bsp name spacecraft_jado)
Author: JadoGoth
Size: Around 8 MB
Music: Edgen Animations/Justin R. Durban, www.edgen.com for more information.
Programs Used: Photoshop 7.0, GtkRadiant 4.0, ShaderEd and Q3Map2.

New Music: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: Yes
New Models: No


Describtion: Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.. an alien culture lived, they evolved as the 	      time went. They mastered technologies far faster, and far greater than ever seen.. in 	      any other galaxy... A spaceship was launched, just as many others.. But this 	      spaceship... was going to feel a horror, like nothing else... An almost invincible 	      enemy... An unknown lifeform... 

Installation: Extract the .zip file into your base directory.


Special Thanks To:
Wade for hi's fantastic help.
George Lucas for his fantastic movies.
Ravesoft and LucasArts, for creating such a wonderfull game.



You may not copy this and use as your own disturbution, without permission from me.
grate02.png, and 2 of the sounds, are copyright Ravensoft, and LucasArts.
Music is copyright Justin R. Durban.

And the rest:



Enjoy ;)

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