Wrist Saber

Some mods you can fully appreciate from screenshots. This mod is not one of those. You must see it in-game to fully appreciate it. I...


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File Description

Some mods you can fully appreciate from screenshots. This mod is not one of those. You must see it in-game to fully appreciate it. I must say, I rarely come across mods as unique as this. I had some crits ready to hand out before I tested this hilt in-game, but apparently I'm a bit rusty and they proved to be untrue.

The author here really knew what he wanted, and he knew how to get it without complicating your life. The hilts themselves are set to use the staff ready animation, and trust me that it's a very good stance choice for this particular hilt. Take a look at the screenshots to see what I mean. After testing the hilts briefly, I would recommend using them only as dual sabers if you want to best possible look, as the single blade animations don't really look quite right for the shape of the hilt.

Speaking of the shape of the hilt, don't these look just brilliant? They're beautiful with that chrome shader, and the shader isn't there to cover up bad texturing. If I want to be really objective I could say that the use of so many simple geometric shapes makes it look rather ugly close up, but since you're not going to see it close up there's no sense in bothering. The design is what's good here, and while, of course, the execution of the design could always be better, I'd have to say this particular hilt is unique, decently made, and definitely worth a download, even if just because it's something new!


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                Wrist Saber

NAME: Wrist Saber

FILE NAME: Wrist Saber.pk3

AUTHOR: 1ShotDoctor

E-mail: bfought@buckeye-express.com

GAME: Jedi Academy (JK3)

CATEGORY: Models>Weapons

DESCRIPTION: This is a lightsaber I made. It is worn on the wrist and the wearer holds on to a ring for better control.

I created the model myself, skinned it and got it in the game. This is my 5th or 6th saber...

To use this saber, select it from the saber selection menu, or in console type:
saber wrist_saber

People to thank:
(These people helped me by responding to questions in the forums.)

Madcatmach2: For letting me know that something like this is possible. I would have thrown this project out without the knowledge that some-one else knows how to fix it.
Jose Carlos: For all the help, not only with this project. So many questions answered thanks to you!

And anyone else that expressed interest.
Sorry if I left anyone out!

Installation: Put the "Wrist Saber.pk3" in your gamedata>base folder and enjoy!

Notes: The character still swings with two hands. We can just say that they do that to have more control ; ). Also, I suggest using two of them at once, or one in the right hand and a regular saber in the left hand, it makes for some good times.
It does disappear when switching to melee. The odd position of the tag_parent made this happen. For the same reason, in the saber selection menu the saber will spin on a weird axis. This will make some dual saber moves impossible.


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