Well, just from looking around in this script, I can tell that it's pretty long, and has many features. Firstly, it has a chat binds featur...


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Well, just from looking around in this script, I can tell that it's pretty long, and has many features. Firstly, it has a chat binds feature, which basically contains the most common (and annoying) chat binds. I mean really, if you're too lazy to type out something, then you should get help. But then, it's kind of hard to press 15 keys just to get a "lol" bind all in ASCII. So I guess there's some point to the chat binds.

There's also a tiny admin script, which contains the usual: "No laming", and a gunsleep/gunslap bind, along with amprotect and amempower. There is also a model script, which will change your character between six models. Then there's the name and emote binds, pretty self-explanitory. In regards to the name binds, I just make an entire personality, binds and everything, and then save a new config.

There are also zoom binds that take advantage of cg_fov. There's also a grip kick and pull kick script. WHy the author needs this I don't know. Maybe he doesn't. But the point is these are worthless if someone has macro scan enabled on their server. There is also a vehicle spawn script.

All of these commands use the vstr command well, although in my experience I've had some problems getting the timing right with it, so I'd be thinking it had selected "command 1" and it was really on "command 2". I don't think that happens with this script, it's just that I've had it happen with me.

There are some other things in this script, but they just consist of a cheat list, server command list (very spartan, if I might add), and a npc list.


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|Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Scripting.|
|                                    |
|   Author: Shinja & Anarchy         |
|                                    |
|Email: Shadoku-@hotmail.com         |
| File Name: X-chat                  |
|                                    |
| <> Have Fun! <>                    |

What This Script Is?: This Script includes Binder,Spawner,Model changer,Name Changer,NPC pack,Zoom,Good Server CFG,Server Commands and Cheat List.
Hope You Like it!

Installing ;

1. Place this Folder in Gamedata/base
2. Place Chatbinder.cfg To Base!!!! ( Or Nothing will not work. )
3. In game type in console /exec Chatbinder.cfg or what you have it renamed.

ChatBinder Help:

Next Message : .
Prev Message : ,
Say Message : -

Next Name : f5
Prev Name : f4
Set Name : f6

Next Model : f1
Prev Model : f2
Set Model : f3

Zoom In : i
Zoom Out : o
Normal Zoom : l

Next Vehicle : B
Prev Vehicle : N
Spawn Vehicle : M

Single Saber: 2
Dual Saber : 3
Dual Saber : 4

Spawn Help:

Next NPC : Left Arrow
Prev NPC : Right Arrow
Spawn NPC : Down Arrow


Server Help:

1.Rename the 'Server Cfg' To Server.
2.Copy it to Gamedata And Japlus Folder.
3.Then launch Start_japlus_without_dedicated_raven_pack.
4.Then Look for you'r server from the Server List, Or seek the IP from the Server Console.

Some Helpfull Tips:
If you'r server's IP changes every time, You cant do anything to it. ( You dont have Regular IP )
If you found You'r Server from the LAN, You'r server dosnt work.

Have Fun With the server if you get it work!

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