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I have something to please the people who liked Necrotic's ReadMe Creator: A version two! To save time, I will quote the previous version a...


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I have something to please the people who liked Necrotic's ReadMe Creator: A version two! To save time, I will quote the previous version and list changes to it:

Lazy people rejoice, for I have a program to make your lives easier!

This program is one that writes readmes. Well, technically, it puts them into a certain format, you still have to fill in the blanks. There's a little slot for each main section, such as title, author, email, etc. It also allows you to choose between it listing it for JK2 or JK3, and adds in the disclaimer at the bottom of the readme. It even saves it into a seperate text file in the program's folder for you!

So, yeah... There's really not a whole lot to say about it. If you are too lazy to make a readme yourself, give this a download. Just make sure that you keep the program itself and the DLLs together, or it won't work properly.


It now saves the information you use for author, email, and website, so you don't have to type it in again every time. It also allows you to select a pk3 file, and it automatically fills in the information about it to put into the read me, and copies it to a new folder with the readme so that you can easily zip it up without hunting it down and copying it over manually. I'm not entirely sure if this was there before or not, but it also seems to automatically detect the date and adds it in there also.

I'd like to see support for the tab button added in, so that I can quickly jump to the next box using the keyboard, like I can on most forms of this type. Other than that, a nice little utility to those who don't want to create their own readmes from scratch.

Give it a download if you like it.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: X3nos ReadMe Creatorv2
E-MAIL: x3no@x3nopro.com
WEBSITE: http://x3nopro.com

FILENAME: X3nos ReadMe Creatorv2.exe
FILESIZE: 2999.28 KB
DATE RELEASED: 7/14/2007

CREDITS: All credits are inside the application.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put it wherever you want, but it does create some DLL files, desktop placers, ye be warned.

DESCRIPTION: This is version 2.0 of my readme creator! It does like it sounds, and writes readme files!

This time around, it saves the author, email, and website (as requested) to a file, so you only have to fill it in once.

It also allows you to select a file, to automatically fill in the file name, and file size. It will also copy the file you choose to a new directory with the ReadMe, so you can zip it up, and have it ready to go, faster.

BUGS / COMMENTS: This took longer to make..... I played around with making it zip the files for you, but I couldn't get it to work, without zipping the entire directory with it. Noone wants their entire desktop in a zip file, trust me.

I don't know of any bugs at the moment..... if you find any, let me know.


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