Wow, after having seen the General Kenobi skin made by Dark_Cuillere, I didn't think skins for HapSlash's obi wan model could get much bet...


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Wow, after having seen the General Kenobi skin made by Dark_Cuillere, I didn't think skins for HapSlash's obi wan model could get much better. I was wrong. Though, Rink used the General Kenobi skin for a some of the skins contained in this collection.

There are approximately 30 skins(maybe more, I may have miscounted.) excluding the team skins, however..including hooded versions and whatnot. I must say, judging from the screenshots of the many suits availible, each is very cool. Props to Rink for the awesome work on each of the tunics and robes. He's even gone as far as making different faces for sith lord, padawan, jedi knight, and jedi master,..so if you are interested in such detail and recognition, it's pretty good addon.

Now for the bonus features.. as covered, there are indeed team skins, bot support, NPC support(not sure what that is.) And a feature that many visitors seem to love, Single Player support. Also new sounds.

I couldn't furtherly put into words the greatness of this piece of work that RinkXing has put together(what an impact...) so I should lead you to the screenshots for a closer look, and the download...for further indepth examination.

Be sure to check out the readme, some valuable information in there. And on a personal note, I hope Rink comes back around for HapSlash's Anakin when it sees it's public release.


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Download 'xaoxing_v2.zip' (13.24MB)

Author: RinkXing
Version: v2
Date Released: 29th October '05


Email: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]
YIM: Soupdude2k4
AIM: RinkXing

I am mainly on MSN and usually check my e-mail multiple times everyday. The other two I do not use too often. You can find me at the forums I've listed at the bottom of the readme below.

What's New in this version?

+ A variety of new skins
+ New character menu option with multiple robes and heads to choose from
+ SP Support
+ Various bug fixes
+ Improved some icons


I Have made the zzxaoxingmenuscripts file to stop conflicts with other mods that use Jaden's character selection, if you have another one or you don't want XaoXing to be selectable in the Jaden Menu, just take this file out and it'll be fine.

ALSO, The see through heads on the menu are to be used with hooded robes!


Description: A rather ongoing project I've been working on that originally started out on the EP3 Obi-Wan Model by AaronSmith, But the recent release of HapSlash's 'RotS Obi-Wan Kenobi' made me scrap the project and start over.

There's a good amount of skins, my personal favourite is the Sith version, I changed the face and eyes and in my opinion it looks extremely Sithy, I have had some positive feedback on the Sith version. There is also an original idea, the Kashyyyk Jedi Camo, now.. I believe no one (besides Tiome, who got the idea from myself) has done this before, troopers/solider etc have been done, but not a Camo Jedi.

There is a battle armour version and some others, parts of the Battle armours were by other authors, I modified them to suit the skins need. Thanks to Dark_Cuillere (fully credited, hope you don't mind) and Cassanova/Miko who gave me permission to use his parts with credits.

Oh, There's a Hologram version too!

In version 2, I have created the option to use it in SP, and to be able to create your own style of XaoXing, you can choose which robes, head and boots you want, There's something for everyone here.

I have included 2 new heads, a Padawan head, made by myself and an Older head, I editted Don Tom's 'Old Ben v2' head for that, Credits to him for the head.

Here is a full list of the model names:

/model XaoXing
/model XaoXing/alternate
/model XaoXing/alternate_robed
/model XaoXing/alternate_hooded
/model XaoXing/battle (*Updated)
/model XaoXing/battlehooded (*Updated)
/model XaoXing/Battleworn (*New)
/model XaoXing/blue
/model XaoXing/default_sith
/model XaoXing/default
/model XaoXing/hologram
/model XaoXing/hooded
/model XaoXing/hoodkashyyyk (*new)
/model XaoXing/hoodbattle (*new)
/model XaoXing/hoodjedi
/model XaoXing/hoodsith
/model XaoXing/kashyyyk
/model XaoXing/kashyyyk_robed
/model XaoXing/kashyyyk_hooded
/model XaoXing/old (*new)
/model XaoXing/oldhooded (*new)
/model XaoXing/Padawan
/model XaoXing/red
/model XaoXing/robed
/model XaoXing/sith_hooded
/model XaoXing/sith_robed
/model XaoXing/sithbattle
/model XaoXing/unhoodedjedi (*new)
/model XaoXing/white (*new)*

There is also the Jaden character selection team skins, which I won't list here since it'll take up alot of room and may be a bit complicated for a new guy.


Thanks to HapSlash and Infinity Blade for their excellent Obi-Wan Kenobi model: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/15794.html | http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/ObiWan_Kenobi;46752

Thanks to Dark_Cuillere for his General Kenobi v2 skin, Without it I would have made a really sucky Armoured version: http://pcgamemods.com/mod/15960.html | http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/General_Kenobi;47034

Thanks to Miko/Cassanova who created the Sith Armour texture, only I modified it, I have been given permission to use his textures.

Thanks to Don Tom for his New Ben Kenobi v2 skin which I modified for the 'Old' skin: http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/15849.html

Thanks to Alpha who helped me test it out and check for any bugs, if you spot any bugs or even have any suggestions please E-mail me.

and Thanks to the people who have given me support throughout this project and the people who have actually used the skin, I'm suprised it was as popular as it has been, sort of pushes me a bit to make more skins and try new things, Thank you!

Since Sergio blew up the PCGamemods forums (where most people knew me from) with his deathstar you can find me at the following forums:

http://s9.invisionfree.com/Hapslashs_Void - The Void
http://joforumnet.conforums3.com - Jedi Order Forum Net
http://superb.6.forumer.com - SJC's Forum
http://www.lucasforums.com - Lucasforums
http://www.gamingforums.com - FileFront JK Forum
http://vas-clan.com/forum/index.php - VaS Forum

Be sure to check some of them out.


Extract 'XaoXing.pk3' to your JA game base directory, usually here: C:/Program Files/LucasArts/Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/GameData/Base

Extract 'ZZXaoXingMenuScripts.pk3' to enable the Character selection menu for XaoXing.
Legal Mumbo Jumbo:


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