Xar Dynasty Temple

I helped Aoshi test this a while back, and it's like 10 times better now. From what I've seen in the past this is Aoshi's best map by far....


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File Description

I helped Aoshi test this a while back, and it's like 10 times better now. From what I've seen in the past this is Aoshi's best map by far.

Although the 'temple' theme has been done to death, there isn't many maps that pull it off, Xar Dynasty Temple, uses the 'hidden ancient temple' style. Besides looking beautiful, originality is all around here. The main room is rather nice, with multiple routes to go, there are three dojos, The Standard Dojo, where you can just duel away. The Platform / Z-Axis Dojo, which is quite cool, it consists of platforms and water and a Weapons Reflection Dojo, this is by far my favourite, you shoot the walls and the blast bounces off the wall, quite nifty.

There's the usual bar, which is quite common in maps these days, it can be turned into a disco, by pressing a button, music plays in the background to give it the realistic touch :D. The garden looks great, it has a waterfall and feels quite peaceful. There are also puzzles, which everyone seems to be able to solve except me, lol. There's alot to explore here, all of the rooms are listed in the readme with a good amount of secrets to find. The music gives the map a great atmosphere and there's a wide range of new textures that look awesome too. Unfortunately, there is no bot support, however everything else is still there

If you're looking for a pretty Jedi-Like map, I suggest you check it out, it’s all good.

New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support: No


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Xar Dynasty Temple

Mapped By Aoshi Xar-Don


Map Information:

A Mystical temple belonging to the former Xar Dynasty. Rennovated and cleaned up
by Aoshi Xar-Don and Xar Mei-Oh

Thanks / Credit

Mei-Oh		-	HD Custom Textures

RinkXing	-	Alpha Tester
Veniku		-	Alpha Tester
Victor		-	Alpha Tester

Performance Info

This map runs quite well, it has been tested on multiple setups, from uber great
to uber bad and the FPS is decent in most areas.

Room Info

Ceremonial Hall
Standard Dojo
Platform / Z-Axis Dojo
Weapons Reflection Dojo (A.k.a Rocket Tennis Court) :)
Throne Room
Dungeon / Prison
Puzzle Room ;)
Bar with Optional Disco mode or Relax mode :D
3 Personal Rooms
AFK/Meditation Room
Garden / Outdoor Area
Open Air NPC "amphitheatre" / dojo
Large "adventure area"

Number of Easter Eggs "secrets" : 4

Known Bugs

- May get an occasional *flash* of all doors and poeple disappearing if you walk
  through a door, this is due to the portals in the door, and if they werent there
  your FPS would be through the floor ;)

* to fix - try not to linger in the middle of doors, which is a bad idea anyway
  because they will probably close on you by the time you noticed :p

- When playing with the JAPLUS client plugin on an unpure server, you might notice
  a few textures missing, this is a JA problem, and not with the map itself



If you have never Installed a Custom Map, Saber, Skin or Weapon before, you will learn now

- Extract XarTemple.Pk3 to your /BASE folder

Have Fun :) ~ JJ


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