Xhuzan Tzu's Saber Sound Modification

I use JA sounds quite a bit in my random amusements, however this sound set must be quite subtle. Some of the sounds I can tell there has be...


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I use JA sounds quite a bit in my random amusements, however this sound set must be quite subtle. Some of the sounds I can tell there has been significant change, and others I just can't tell what was changed. However as with all sound set they really need to be tested in order to be understood, on an individual level, so since it's not a huge download I urge all those who enjoy new saber soundsets to give it a try. There are no completely new sounds here, just modifications and tweaks of the original sounds to make them more consistent with other lightsaber sounds from other sources.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Xhuzan Tzu's Saber Sound Modification for JK:JA v 1.0
AUTHOR: Xhuzan Tzu
E-MAIL: animusdecrucio@gmail.com
WEBSITE: http://www.theorderofthejedi.org
Home of the Jedi Order {O} clan of which I am a proud member

FILENAME: tzu_saber_sounds.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 28 April, 2006

Teo McDohl, who helped test this mod out and offered his constructive criticism 
and input.

Raven Software for their base game sounds and for developing such a wonderful 

SourceForge.net and the volunteer design team for Audacity 1.2.4, without which 
this modification would not have been possible.

Extract tzu_saber_sounds.pk3 to your Game Data/base folder, nothing
else needed.

A sound modification to the saber sounds for JK:JA.  A sound modification to 
the saber sounds for JK:JA.  It attempts to bring consistency to the
Star Wars gaming Universe by modifying the sounds to be more in synch with those 
of the movies and other Lucas Arts games.  All sounds were modified by me and 
were not ripped from any other sources, with the exclusion of the 3 or 4 sounds 
that were not modified in any way from the base sounds.

This mod will not replace the default sounds, but it will override them 
unless you are on a pure server that does not have this modification installed.  
Also, if you are using any other sound modifications that effect saber sounds, 
you may wish to remove them to eliminate conflicts.

BUGS: No known bugs.

The one problem I've always had with the Raven saber sound files are
that they are inconsistent with the sounds as portrayed in the movies
and various other Star Wars games.  They seem to lack the variety of
tones in the swings and blocks, use pitches that are far too harmonic,
and otherwise just lack the same feel as the movies and other games.
Also it seems as if Raven managed to reduce all the bass from their
saber hum to the point that it no longer sounds like lightsabers, but
rather a duel to the deal with electric razors!

Many other modders have tried to correct this issue by pulling sounds
directly from said movies and games.  The problem is that these usually
ended up having lots of ambient background sounds and ended up sounding
very scratchy in game and inconsistent with the rest of Raven's sounds.

Thus I began this project, which took about 10 hours.  I went through
all of Raven's saber sounds and modified them one by one using
Audacity.  I added the bass back where it should be, and tweaked the 
pitch of many of the files.  I also spent a lot of time trying to make
the saber ignite sounds more like those of the movies rather than being
very blatant and out of place.  Even the saber sounds from the Lucas
Arts logo at the beginning of the game doesn't use their sounds.

And thus Xhuzan Tzu's Saber Sounds v 1.0 was born.  I don't expect to
make many if any updates to this, however you never know, depending on
the feedback I get from it.


Thanks for checking this out.  Keep a lookout for more skins/hilts/etc.

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