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Lol this is becoming a chain quote! Wade's review of the last version of Xmod:

xMod, a mod I'm sure many of you kno...


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Lol this is becoming a chain quote!

Wade's review of the last version of Xmod:

xMod, a mod I'm sure many of you know from the JO days is back, it's one of those useful server side mods that not only help out admins but also make the game more enjoyable in many cases. Things such as x_flipkick will make many people happy who enjoy being able to flip kick while x_profanity_check will please many admins who want to cut out profanity in their servers. One I do NOT like though is x_jawa_model as there is nothing wrong with that model anymore and I will be getting peaved if I go on servers to find it is disabled!

I went to their site to help me get an insight to the mod and I came across this (admittedly lengthy for a review) "What is xMod2?", I think this is a very good way of summing up just what it is, better than what I can do!

What is xMod 2 you ask? Well it's simple. Back in early 2002, Raven and Lucasarts teamed up to create one of the best games in Star Wars history, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. The game brought a unique mix of Star Wars and Competitiveness. Players could play for their liking of Star Wars, or for their thirst for gaming in First Person Shooters. It was a game that developed into a fast paced shooter game filled with innovativeness not seen before in the PC world.

A year later... Raven's game Jedi Outcast began to die as more and more news came out about their upcoming release Jedi Academy. Everyone in the JO community was psyched. The month of the release came, then the week, then finally the day. Many gamers rushed to the nearest PC Store hoping for an even better game than Jedi Outcast, with new and improved gameplay mechanics and more. What they got was nothing more than Jedi Outcast + eyecandy. Jedi Academy was a disappointment for many. Not only did the first month include a non-functional Server Browser, but also players wouldn't go for the Jedi Outcast plus a few fancy, yet useless, moves. Not only that, but some of the most key moves of Jedi Outcast used to make combos was removed, and thus the only way to kill your opponent was holding Mouse1 and W.(Attack and Forward, if you use default keys)

Enter xMod. When the SDK was released, xMod creator and pioneer =X=Master HeX went straight to work in an all night frenzy to restore some of the key components of Jedi Academy. xMod 2, the sequel to the amazing xMod of Jedi Outcast, now reunites players with gameplay that is not made for a person who has just picked up the game. xMod 2 neutralizes the gameplay in Jedi Academy, changing it to a game that is actually playable. All the options in xMod 2 are exactly that, optional. This allows for the most control over your server putting the admin back in the driver's seat. All in all: Raven failed us, but HeX has made Jedi Academy a game that can proudly wear the Jedi Knight series name, and has thus saved the series we have grown to love. Welcome to xMod 2.

Now let me just start off with the screenshot there. See that? Down there? Yeah - that. This mod actually detects script users!? How cool is that?! Okay, so some of the other features. There's a new delay kick that will actually delay kicking a lamer from the server to show them the message for why they are being kicked. !!! There's a protection cvar, honor code enforcement, and freeze tag - not sure what that is cause I didn't test this extensively. But the most important things in this mod have to be the ability to unlock the forced turn in yellow dfa's! AAHHH! Cause, yeah, I hate JA's ydfa. And now you can stand on someone's head without slipping off!!! Okay, so that's not the greatest feature - but I like it!

Y'know, there's just too much stuff here to list. It's all in the readme and if you don't want to read that right now, go find a server with Xmod and try it out yourself! I'm actually considering switching mods now. Hmm. Great work, guys!


There's even more options now and bug fixes now including a new way of specifying which admins have what commands available to them!

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Download 'xmod-2.5.0-linux.zip' (758KB)

Title: xMod 2.5.0

Author: xMod Development Team

Version: 2.5.0

Homepages: http://xmod2.cat5camp.com

Special Thanks:
	Thanks Genso for your hard work on those .loc files! ;)
	Thanks Quakeman for the uber string utilities
	Thanks to my sweetheart for pulling me away from the computer every so often.
	Thanks to everyone who helped me beta test the mod
	Thanks everyone who trolls our forum and irc

Description: xMod 2 is a revolutionary mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Combining unique user and admin commands with gameplay enhancements, all of which are optional, which puts the admin in the driver's seat. Designed from the ground up for Ravensoft's Jedi Academy, xMod 2 delivers a server admin with gameplay features to improve your gaming experience in Jedi Academy, as well as controls that suit any admin's needs.

Installation: Extract this archive so that the included xmod folder is a sibling of 'base' (ie. C:\ja\GameData\).  Then run your your server using +set fs_game xmod.  And you're all set!

- Subadmin rcon passthrough command available to admins
- Fixed a crash bug related to an honor code check
- Added a new admin.lst file where you can assign specific admins specific commands
- New x_say command to speak without the server tag in front of your name to a specific team or all players
- Added subadmin logging features
- Added rcon logging on dedicated servers
- Flipped x_weapontoggle so it displays the correct toggle state
- Admins now get a list of available commands when they auth or type an invalid command
- Fixed level fix commands so they actually save correctly
- Private tells don't take up all of your chat line any longer
- You may now log out of subadmin/authadmin
- Removeloc can now delete specific location marker slots
- flipkick mode 2 will allow you to front wall walk without timing your jump
- Subadmins may now look up a player's IP address
- Fixed a baseJA 'Saber has no owner' crash bug

- The Subadmin command sc map will now function correctly
- You may now grant regular authed users subadmin powers via cvar
- Fixed ghoul2 saber throw issues making throw do the same damage each time
- Health and Armor now listed at the end of a duel in the duel gametype
- Health and Armor now listed at the end of a powerduel
- Updated server side reporting to the client mod
- Fixed an issue with the giveup emote that played an extra sound when returning your saber
- Server will now update the xmod clients if a cvar changes
- Fixed a bug related to debugmelee not being turned on client side
- Fix files can now be created and removed using subadmin commands
- Added Powerduel team locking
- New x_weapontoggle, x_duelweapontoggle, x_emotetoggle, x_subadmintoggle, x_authtoggle
- Fixed a crash issue with auto-kicking of bots
- Logging of all admin commands (temporary informational format)
- private admin and chat function via starting says with a *
- New rcon commands to grant/remove admin power
- Fixed up smart suicide mode 2 to record kills properly
- Repaired a crash issue with subadmin, gamecommands, and rcon commands
- Cleared up some emote errors
=Client 2.0
- cg_fov may now be set to a max of 120
- Updated the client to not require the server's flood protection to be disabled
- Fixed an issue with the client sending your admin password in chat
- Server settings are now updated if a cvar changes
- New CTF Gamemode scoreboard (others come in next version)

- Emergency patch to repair a bug that will cause servers to crash

- Fixed a bug with listing of banned and muted IPs
- Honor code enforcement now blocks gunfire and explosives
- Fixed a bug with session data being corrupted causing server crashes
- Clipped the port off of logged IPs
- Added message that displays health at the end of a duel
- Fixed up freezetag to work the way it should
- x_randteam no longer places spectators on a team
- Fixed a bug preventing subadmins from locking a specific team
- Script detection enforcement
- New delay kick that shows a centerscreen message before it kicks the client
- CTF stats are now logged via the server
- Cheaters are now logged via the server
- Help system updated with new cvars and commands
- Added a cvar to enable full color mouseover names
- Fixed event message name clipping and color errors
- Cvar system will adapt to xmod server settings
- Client will now auto auth on connect if a cvar is set

- Saber down honor code enforcement which includes:
--- Saber down = peace enforcement cvars
--- Saber down = no force usage cvars (attack or no force at all)
- Removed abusive admin commands requested (thanks everyone who voted)
- Tweaked x_cprotect to now truly protect the admin from players
- Added cvars to control duel starting and ending health/shields and saber ignition
- Ability to jump on a players head without slipping off
- Ability to unlock the yellow dfa forced turn
- Added a 3 mode mute public chat cvar system
- Freeze Tag mode now available to xmod servers
- New help system introduced for clients and admins (/help)
- Corrected some errors in message targets
- Changed /x commands to /gc to prevent confusion
- Authing can now be done via /x auth, /gc auth, or /auth
- Ability to enable the single player pullstab move
- Ability to enable Jedi Outcast style no force requirements for moves
- Ability to turn off coup de grace ground moves
- Cvar'd all force costs for moves (including flipkick)
- Repaired flipkick so it can be totally disabled
- Added a team chat location system to add location markers in maps
- New Super Smart Suicide System (s2 suicide system)
- Added a roll enhancement cvar that makes roll feel more like the old version
- Added a cvar to allow you to speed/rage the old jo style
- New emote system (/emote)
- Added change name and csay to subadmin command list

For a full list of commands, cvars, and help visit our webpage or
type /help on any 2.2+ xmod server!

* Copyright / Permissions *

© 2003 LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC. 
© 2003 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2003, Activision

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