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This is an update to the Robert2005 Script which was supposed to allow the user to be able to execute a flipkick afte...


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File Description

This is an update to the Robert2005 Script which was supposed to allow the user to be able to execute a flipkick after pressing the spacebar. This one is supposed to add pull-kick, saber throw-pull, and auto kick-saber throw combos. However, upon testing, it really didn't do anything for me except I jumped up and then pulled or threw my saber. I tried it a few more times, jumped off a cliff a couple times, and still couldn't get it to work. So I exited and cleaned out my base folder to make sure there were no conflicting files and tried again. And the same thing kept happening. I'm still not quite sure what this is supposed to do. Supposedly it's supposed to help newbies, but it really amounts to nothing more than a non-functioning cheat.


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              XyZ-script v1.01 

_____________By Robert Esmonde

This is the next version of the Robert2005
script witch has been renamed to XyZ-script 
XyZ is a JA clan. 

Moves included are...

Auto kick (returns from v1.0)

Pull Kick (new)

Saber throw then Auto Pull (new) 

Auto Kick Then Performing a Quik Saber Throw (new) 

To Install... 

Extract all the files to Gamedata\Base of your 
Jedi Academy game location 
Then when in game type in the console 
/exec autoexec
and then press = (default start key) 
now all the scripts are active.

Version History


-Added new features 
-auto pull kick 
-auto saber throw then pull 
-auto kick then saber throw
-previous auto kick now works better rather than
at random times overwriting a manual kick
now always wins


-Auto kick 
-easy to use



XyZ V1.01 
Another day another win.

-Robert Esmonde

BETA testers 
-Jack Arnott (TRON)
-Alyssa (china girl)
-James Challinor (Some crummy jap name kakhiharo?)

-Special thanks
-The downloaders

Kill Tracker Coming Soon.

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