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According to what I have read, George Lucas himself has officially discouraged authors and others who are working on Expanded Universe mater...


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According to what I have read, George Lucas himself has officially discouraged authors and others who are working on Expanded Universe material (books, comics games, etc.) from exploring and elaborating on the background of ‘Yoda’s Species’. Apparently he wants these little green people to remain mysterious and unknown – currently there are only four known characters of Yoda’s Species; Yoda (obviously!), Master Vandar (from Knights of the Old Republic), the lesser known Minch and of course, the subject of this skin; Yaddle.

This skin we have here is a re-skin of the Yoda model by Toshi. Considering that the Yoda model is very specific I must commend the author on doing an excellent job of re-skinning it to look more like Yaddle. One very noticeable difference is of course that Yaddle has a nice think head of hair, obviously being both female and a lot younger than old Yoda, being only a mere 483 years old at the time of her death!

Sinchiss has also done a pretty good job making the face a likeness of Yaddle, looking at a photo of the character from Episode 1 and a screenshot of this skin in –game, you can indeed see the likeness. There are some aspects of the face texture I feel could be improved upon though, mainly the nose, the nostrils of which look the wrong shape compared to the photos I’m looking at. Also, I think the wrinkles on the forehead need a little more work as they look a bit too blurry at the moment.

This skin also has team support, and rather than simple re-coloured versions of the default skin, there are some more subtle differences added in as well which add to the look of the team skins. The red team skin looks more like a Sith Yaddle, with grey and red robes and the most terrifying pair of evil red eyes I have ever seen on a skin! :eek: The blue version is much more Jedi like, with blue and cream robes which I personally prefer to the default brown Jedi robes since they look a little more feminine which would fit with the fact that Yaddle is a female. As far as the default robes go, I think that the colour needs changing just slightly to be more of a richer brown, as opposed to the more grey-brown that they are now.

A cool addition is that Yoda’s Lightsaber Hilt from the Revan Dark Star Wars Hilts pack has also been included, which finishes off the mod nicely, although if someone could make a model of Yaddle’s hilt (if there are even any reference pictures?) that would be even better!

I have already mentioned a few improvements that could be made, but the main thing that would really make this a spitting image of Yaddle is the hair, which needs to be much longer. Unfortunately of course, Yoda’s hair is short and the hair is part of the model, so it isn’t possible to make the hair longer without adjusting the model.

It isn’t really too noticeable though and all in all I think this is a good skin here! Personally, I would also like to see some skins of Minch and Master Vandar, so maybe you could do those for your next project? :D Anyways, good work here mate!

If you guys like the look of this skin, then be sure to give it a download!

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes


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Download 'yaddle_r.zip' (3.57MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

TITLE: Yaddle Remastered
AUTHOR: Sinchiss
E-MAIL: cordel_mondax@hotmail.com
FILENAME: Yaddle_r.pk3
FILESIZE: 3 721 kb
DATE RELEASED: 15 March 2009

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Simply place the Yaddle_r.pk3 in your base folder (By defeault: C:ProgramfilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi AcademyGameDataBase). 

DESCRIPTION: A new attempt at making Yaddle. The Toshi's Yoda skin has been reskinned and tweaked in several ways, and with it comes bot support, NPC support and team support.  

There are three versions of this skin:
/playdermodel yaddle_r
/playdermodel yaddle_r/blue
/playdermodel yaddle_r/red

There are two NPCs included in this file. Yaddle_r and Yaddle_r_darkside (which uses the red team skin). To spawn them, simply open the console and enter either of the two following commands:
/npc spawn yaddle_r
/npc spawn yaddle_r_darkside

Note that the only way to get her small in Multiplayer is by editing the modelscale.cfg (if you have Japlus).  

BUGS: None as far as I know, except clipping because of the model. Contact me if you find anything else though.

COMMENTS: As I don't have any modeling skills, I couldn't get the curly hair Yaddle has. Just pretend that she's combed her hair back, I'm sure you can get away with that. 

NOTE: You may use Yaddle_r for whatever you want, as long as you credit me for the skin. 

- Toshi: For the Yoda model, and the default Yoda sounds.  
- Revan Dark: For Yoda's saber model.


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