Yalara landing pad

I loaded this map up using /devmap hevil...I was lost as to why considering the map is called YalaraPad; I do recognise hevil though - where...


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I loaded this map up using /devmap hevil...I was lost as to why considering the map is called YalaraPad; I do recognise hevil though - where from?

Not a bad little map, designed for dueling, it includes the obligatory platform that you stand on to duel and falling off ensures doom. One thing I liked though was when I fell off, I got the usual falling to doom animation but it played a water splash sound too which made for a nice little addition whether thought of by the author or not.

The textures are highly repetative however, some damage, dirt or variation would have helped a great deal. One thing MeusH has done though is line up all the textures so at least they fit and aren't simply 'there'.

I think one thing its lacking in is lighting, especially considering the skybox is rather gloomy, the place is lit up by a sunlight (you can see the shadow below) and it's in the wrong place for where the sun would be if it were visible (cloud shadows). So what I'd recommend next time is ensure the skybox fits the lighting oh and look up adding a moving cloud layer to a skybox, it really makes it feel better. Aside from the lighting of the skybox though it is fitting, the water in the map does run off into the same direction as it should for the skybox which means the skybox was given some consideration.

New Sounds: New Textures: Bot Support:


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Download 'yalarapad.zip' (477KB)

22 feb 04
Map Name                : Yalara landing pad
Author                  : MeusH (Amadeus Wieczorek)
Email Address           : amadeuszw@wp.pl jedi@delart.pl
Web page		: jedi.delart.pl
Map description         : Small FFA, Duel and Power Duel map for Jedi Academy.
Filesize		: 478 KB

* Map Information *

Botroute - Yes
New textures - No
New music - No

This is a landing pad over big dam on planet Yalara
where is located SP level 't3_hevil'
This map has bot route, so you can duel with bots.

I've also included 3 'secret' places:

1 - Hit use button when you are in front of doors - large shield booster
2 - Jump above the doors, collect a Big Bacta tank
3 - Use force speed, and jump at buildings that sorrounds map (good for admins, or clan leaders)

Brush count	: 258
Enity count	: 118
Spawn points	: 5
Compile time	: 2 minutes, 57 seconds

Software used: GTK Radiant 1.4.0, Notepad, WinZip

* How To Use This Map *

Unzip yalarapad.zip to your GameData/base directory.
And enjoy it!


* Copyright / Permissions *

All original content copyright 2004. All rights are reserved.

You may only distribute this map if it is free, unaltered, and this readme file (yalara_readme.txt) is included. You can not use this map as a basis for your own works.

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