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Yalara Roleplay

I consider myself a fairly hardcore roleplayer - It's just about the only thing I do in JA and the only thing I do in any multiplayer game....


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File Description

I consider myself a fairly hardcore roleplayer - It's just about the only thing I do in JA and the only thing I do in any multiplayer game. Now I've heard of Yalara several times but I've never heard any details on it (I haven't concerned myself with it; I'm too busy playing Mandalorian) so I resorted to Wookieepedia! It had this gold mine of information to share with me. >_>

Yalara was a primitive planet.

Jedi Master Broden Kel Verdox installed a cloaking device which kept the entire planet hidden. This was to protect the primitive civilization.

Darth Vader, however, sent Noghri there, who wiped out the indigenous population.

The Imperial Remnant, under the command of the Disciples of Ragnos, attempted to lay hands on the cloaking device. In order to avert this, Jedi Knight Jaden Korr destroyed the whole device.

WOW, THANKS FOR ALL THE INFORMATION. Uninformative jerks. =_= Anyway, on to the map. It is the author's first (Which impresses me) and last (Which saddens me) map. Fortunately the author has provided the source code for the map so if anyone else takes up the task of improving this work of art they have what they need. I'm also surprised at the quality of the map due to the relatively short time that it was created in. You start off in the spaceport, which is a wonderful area with two wonderful ships you can enter and run around in. They even have working laser cannons! My only qualm so far is the lack of spawning points. There is only one spawn point, so I can foresee many-a-spawn-kills on populated servers. Also in the starport you'll find a number of smaller ships and starfighters, some wonderful benches, vendor stalls, travel information, data terminals, and more. It is a very well-done depiction of a starport and it really gets you in the RP mood. Another great addition is the sound of a ship flying overhead or taking off every few seconds.

Continue through the big imposing door that is so familiar in many maps and you enter an area that seems very familiar if you've ever been in an airport. It is the 'waiting area with travel information and departure times and computers for employees and lots of benches' room. Very well done, again. Continue through the next door and you're greeted with an amazing scene (Very realistic and, once again, gets you in the mood for RP). If another. You come out to a winding ramp down to a bridge that extends over a river to a town. On your left is a massive waterfall and a cliff, and on your right is another cliff. When we enter the town we come across a marketplace-type district with more vendor stalls, clothing hanging up, and TVs on display (A lovely touch is a sparking TV that has fallen off the table and broken) Continue through the streets and you are travelling through more vendor stalls, plants, pop machines, benches, and signs. The architecture and setting of this town very much reminds me of Antioch (Both the real Medieval setting and the JKA map based off of it.)

In the town you'll come across a military base with all your essentials such as a prison, command room, armory, etc, a hotel, a cantina. Everything you'd expect and it is all very well done. My only problem is the lighting; rooms are very bright without any lighting source and it slightly dampens the immersion effect of the map. If you put in some lighting fixtures and added some shadows and whatnot, the rooms would be perfect. Also included is an old abandoned warehouse-type building that leads down to a dark room with sparse lighting, a bunch of crates, some wooden chairs, lots of weapons, and an entrance to the sewer. It's a perfectly done rebel/terrorist/criminal building. There's also a tram station, which is VERY well done and VERY well lit. It is quite possibly my favorite area of the map (My second favorite would be the criminal-warehouse.

There are several areas where you can enter the sewers and crawl around and even get to this outdoor scenic-ruins area. The textures here are rather repetitive and I feel like some swaying grass and more trees should be added to it. There's lots of things to explore, such as some caves and a temple and whatnot.

Overall this map is extremely successful at what it set out to accomplish - Be an immersive, complete map for RPers, and I can see that I'm going to love roleplaying on this map for a very long time. Another plus of it is that although it's such a complete, dense, and great map, it's not too big; it doesn't take forever to load like some maps (Cough Atlantica Cough) and thus will be able to be played on by many RPers. I didn't hear any music while I ran around the map but I checked in the PK3 file and there IS a music file, so the author tried to add some. The main problems of the map are the repetitive textures in some areas (Mainly the outdoors) and the poor lighting in some areas (Mainly indoors, such as in the hotel. Some areas however had spectacular lighting such as the Tram and the warehouse.) I STRONGLY suggest somebody to take up the task of improving this already spectacular map by improving the textures, lighting, and adding some music. I'd love to see a version two of this.


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General Information

Mapped by Cydon Prax' (Ki_Adi_Mundi on JK2Files)
X-Fire: boseprax
AIM: TitaniumSonic02

New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: No
New Models: No
New Scripts: No
Bot Routing: No
Gametypes: FFA

Brush Count: 4025
Entity Count: ~1100
Build Time: 1 month, 12 days. (Or a total of around 60 total hours)
Mappers Description/Comments:

	Well, this map is an all-out roleplay dedicated map with no FFA or general combat in mind. I built it straight out from pre-made blueprints, designed for slight Star Wars realism rather than JKA fighting. I must stress to all whom download that this is my first map. The very first room I ever made in GTKRadiant is in this map, and I learned to map while making this roleplay map. This is mostly apparant by the square rooms and the bad lighting. 

	I created the map over a period of 50 or so days, and that ''speed-rushing'' is also visible in the map through the blocky walls and lack of curves and sophisticated mapping. Regardless, I hope this will serve as a long-term roleplay map for many communities. As for mapping, I found it to be far too tedious and unstable, so this will be my first and last map. Not wanting to completely rob the JKA Community of any potential, I went ahead and included the .map file and give anyone permission to use its contents how they see fit. I hope you enjoy.

Features/Roleplay Assets:

- A Cantina
- An upstairs casino/show floor
- A Base (With Jail, Command Room, Meeting Room, and Weapons Storage)
- A Hotel (Four Rooms)
- A House (Upstairs, Downstairs.)
- A Starport (2 Enterable Ships, droids, markets)
- An outdoor Market (Numerous items 'for sell')
- A Tram Station (Technically two)
- A Sewer System
- A underground abandoned weapons cache/hideout with easy escape
- A Small cave with a small scenic walk-through
- A crystal cave
- A large Temple

Extract the contents of the .zip (Atlantica.pk3) into your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base directory. 

For the .map file, place it in your Jedi Academy/GameData/Base/Maps directory.


- At the second area with the Temple, if you look up into the sky you can visibly see parts of the other map. After a few painstakingly long attempts to remedy this, including area-portal and caulking, the other area was still visible. In a future patch I will cover it up with an in orbit star destroyer.
- While walking through some doors, other doors will momentarily disappear or the screen will flicker. This is not a bug. This is due to the usage of area portal that is keeping the frame rates above 5.
- Some models are non-solid. Hopefully this won't be too much of a problem.
- There are numerous clipping issues or visible caulking through the map. I tried to get as much as possible, but the map grew too large for me to adequately repair every problem with my level of mapping. 

Giving Credit:

Szico VII – A single, solitary Texture that proved more than helpful. Awesome mapper this man is.

Yami_Ryou and NAB622 for part of their cave prefab. 

Morbid Angel for his merc_dropship. This ship was mainly what taught me to map as I did in this map; let that be an insult or compliment.

Hirato for his spaceship. Looks good, and taught me how to do sounds and effects. Good work.

Anyone else: Not sure whom else to thank. I’ll go ahead and thank all of those who supplied textures unwillingly – a lot of maps named their textures as the same folder name of ravensofts default textures, so in an attempt to avoid using other peoples textures I ended up grabbing theirs by mistake. Well, figuring far too late down the road what happened, I’ll thank those like SJC, Gil_Dagor (Who helped with my map in numerous ways, thanks for the advice), and others who named put their custom textures in /yavin and /bespin.

I’d also like to thank Beta Testers Holmes, Tyrael, Martin J, Kel, Zephyr, Dragon, and Ramos for looking through and catching most of the bugs I was too stupid to find. Thanks.

Source Files:

Source Files are included. I, the map maker, give any person(s), communities, sites, groups, etc, full rights to use the .map file in any way, shape, or form they see fit. As long as thanks are given not to me, but those whom I had to credit so as to not disservice them. Enjoy.



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