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EDIT: Well, I did have some epic and huge text art here that took up about 50 lines but it got so distorted when I posted the review that it...


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EDIT: Well, I did have some epic and huge text art here that took up about 50 lines but it got so distorted when I posted the review that it was unreadable and I decided to take it down. The reason for my text-art-problem stems from the fact that it seems the actual posted review can't handle multiple spaces... or something. It squishes things all together on the left. For shame.

My mad skillz aside, it's not often we get quite as large a skinpack as this. This author's mad skills may even rival my own. O_= What we have here is Quinlan Vos, and he's been pimped if I do say so myself! I wasn't even aware that the Quinlan Vos model had this many model parts. I would think that the author modeled it himself, but he says

New Models: no (but some new model options are now unhidden)

Very quickly though I'd like to complement the author on his thoroughness of crediting those whose work he used. Bravo, my good man. Very nice credits.

SO. You are the first to discover this vault of wonderfulness that the Quinlan Vos model was hiding. And I am the first to review it. Excellent. Such a... tasty file. This thing is so full of customization and variation it will make your head spin and will possibly make RPers faint, fall off their chair, and break their head open on the nearest sharp furniture corner (Not that it happened to me... >_>) The variety of choices is breathtaking and makes this quite possibly the ultimate male customization pack. Ever. The best part of this skinpack, aside from the amazing skinning and new model parts, you may ask? It's a species pack. Pick and choose your parts, people. The options range from good old Jedi Vos to cybernetic commando Vos, Old Man Vos, Grim Reaper Vos, gladiator Vos, Vos as a black guy, Vos as a scantily-clad barbarian, or my personal favorite which is Pilot Vos.

There are so many choices, not only in model parts, but in skins. The amount of high-quality skins for every imaginable piece of clothing is, again, breathtaking. Using one torso he is able to create skins ranging from Hoth Clothing to Forest Camo to a commoner's tunic, and all of the skins are spectacular. Hell, there's even a skin named 'Bob' which consists of the Black Vos with a sexy, skintight green-yellow-red muscle shirt, track pants, and sneakers. The only skinning problem I have are the blue streaks on the face - they look a bit out-of-place-unrealistic; they aren't skin textured and look rather plasticky. That's such a small part though and is barely noticeable.

This pack is so massive that you're going to have to do most of the exploring on your own; it would take pages upon pages to write about everything. The screenshots offer just a small sampling of what's inside, and I just scratched the surface in my review. There's also some cool little things he added in like some great icon effects (Such as in the species customization menu in the Color Selection section). This guy has thought of nearly everything from species support for different language versions of the game to NPCs and Bot Support (Which most people leave out now-a-days). Go now, and revel in these riches.

New Models: Technically ja. Species Customization: Ja. New Sounds: Technically nej. Team Colors: Ja. New Shaders: Ja. Bot Support: Ja. NPC Support: Ja.


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Download 'yaleck_vos.zip' (35.2MB)

Readme File:

Title: Yaleck Vos
Author : Jashugan
E-Mail : www.jash89@free.fr
Website: http://www.clan-hcf.com/cariboost1/

File Name : yaleck_vos.pk3
File Size: 36M
Date Released : 20_01_09 

New Models: no (but some new model options are now unhidden)
New Sounds: yes (old sounds, but I re-arranged it)
Team Colours: yes
New Shaders: yes
Bot Support: yes
NPC Support: yes
New Textures: yes
New Icons: yes

Model: Aaron Smith
Textures: Aaron Smith, Hasplash, Spanki, Scerendo, Drackanne, Jashugan 
Shaders: Jashugan
Menu configuration: Jashugan

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

 Many people to Credit. I’m going to try to not forget anybody.

- AARON SMITH for his great model. I’m a big fan of Quinlan Vos, and I hope you will be enjoyed to see him like that.
- DRACKANNE, for his work on this skin ,and his help on this file. Merci! ;)
- HASPLASH for Dooku face,leather suit, boots and arms textures. 
-	SPANKI ! Again :) I'Ve used some textures from jedi_customization_plus. Faces, torsos, Boots and belt textures. Thank you again for all that and your autorisation. 
- SCERENDO, for his great job on the st_shadowtrooper. I've taken textures from the blue model, but I've changed the shaders. Thank you for your autorisation.
- MONSOONTIDE and KESHIRE for the Acklay model AND sith_speeder_mst vehicle. I used it only for screenshots.
- MARS MARCSHALL "NeoMarz1"? for his hypostreed vehicles. I used it only for screenshots.
- SHØÇKER for his Raking Scythe. I used it only for screenshots.
- SITHMASTER555 fot his incredible files: Hidan Scythe and Katanas and Scythes.I used it only for screenshots.
- SATHIRON for his Spartan Sword. I goes very well with my Spartan model! :) . I used it only for screenshots.
- DONOVAN NEWCOMB (JaKaL) for his great gun, barret_xm109 . I used it only for screenshots.
- JAN DUURSEMA, for his talent and draws I like so much, making Quinlan Vos my preferate character of Star Wars. I used it only for screenshots.
- All Creators from Raven and Lucas Art of course. I took textures from the assets models to modify it. Boba Fett, Jedi_trainer or Desann for example.
- Yuu, she knows why...


Description: This is a Jedi (and sith) Costumization based on the Quinlan Vos model by Aaron Smith.

Yaleck Vos is the Grandson of the Famous Quinlan Vos Jedi knight. 

At first, I did it for one of my Academy member, Yaleck. Since his first steps in JKA he use this model, and asked me to make him a special reskin. 
Yaleck is a gardian on my academy, and his color is the blue. That's why you can see blue marks on his face and left arm. Maybe some of you will not appreciate it, but it's like this... you can modifiy it.

The Quinlan Vos model have many many options, which have not been used yet. I've tried to unhide these possibilities. So you can see it on the screenshots, we have a comlink on the face, some different gadgets on the legs or arms, special torsos and legs, like the armor. I've never seen these hair possibilities before, for example.

I’ve gone very much far than I thought at the beginning in the customization, but it is for more possibilities, more fun. I have modified and adapted some jpegs from Spanki, Hasplash, or Scerendo. It was a big job to make it, but it was a big pleasure. I made many textures and shaders myself, and I hope you will enjoy it. 
I've made new shaders,like on the belts, you'll can see small lights flashing on and off. I've made different effects on textures and menu configuration. 

Customisation part:

It takes only one line in your customization menu, I didn’t want to take a large space in your menu, jedis.:)
You can choose between 32 heads, 32 different torsos and 32 different lowers. 32768 possibilities! In fact, there are only three faces with many options (hood, comlink, different hairs)
When you select a robe with hood, the hood will not appear. It only make disapear the hood in the back. You'll have to select a head with hood in the head menu to make it real. why? It's a choice I made. With this, you can select and have a hood, on EVERY torso, and I think it's funner like this.

Compatible JAPLUS mod.
SP compatible jka!

Separately to the customisation models, you’ll can find original models, that are selectable at the MP icons screen, or writing /model modelname:

yaleck ------------------- the default model, near the Quinlan Vos original model.
yaleck/red --------------- the red default model, with red marks on the face and hood.
yaleck/blue -------------- the bleu default model, with blue/white armor.

yaleck_black-------------- this is the black model.
yaleck_black_red---------- the red 'black model, with hood. 
yaleck_black_blue--------- the blue 'black model' with blue shadowtrooper armor.
yaleck_black/bob---------- get up, stanp up! Yeah, a real rasta in JKA! Smoking is dangerous.:p

yaleck_pilot-------------- the pilot model
yaleck_pilot/red---------- the red pilot model :p
yaleck_pilot/blue--------- the blue pilot model -_-'

yaleck_spart-------------- the spartan model with black tatoos. you're the king of the arena, yeah!
yaleck_spart/red---------- the spartan model with red tatoos.
yaleck_spart/blue--------- the spartan model with blue tatoos.

yaleck_death-------------- the Death model! As my precedent reskin, I've made this model for fun. :) This one have robe and hood. The death models have different sounds than others.
yaleck_death/red---------- the red one, with glowing effect.
yaleck_death/blue--------- the blue one, with glowing effect.

NPC list: 

/npc spawn yaleck
/npc spawn yaleck_black 
/npc spawn yaleck_pilot
/npc spawn yaleck_spart
/npc spawn yaleck_death 

BOT list: this is the same names than the npcs.

 Not known


Well, as I said before, I did it for one of my friend first, but I hope you will have su much pleasure to play with this skin than I had to make it.

Have fun!


Just extract the .pk3 into the GameData/base in your game directory, and it is selectable among the usual 
Multiplayer and Singleplayer MODS.
You can active the glowing effect with the blue and red yaleck_death model by writing /r_dynamicglow 1 or 0 to desactive it.


You don’t have to mail me or asking me permission to use textures from this skin. Just give me credits in your readme file.


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