Yavin Academy Retreat 1.2

It was difficult for me to figure out just how to start this review. This is another one of those maps where I like a few things in it, but...


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It was difficult for me to figure out just how to start this review. This is another one of those maps where I like a few things in it, but overall, I wouldn't recommend this map to many.

First of all, the map is huge. And it's made for sabers only FFA play. It's one of those "academy" maps where you have a bunch of different rooms for dueling in. But these rooms aren't very ... different. There's not much unique about this map at all. And the textures are so incredibly boring and repetitive. Like I said, there are a few things I like. That pretty much includes any of the Yavin-esque rooms with the sun pouring in through slits of windows.

See that one screenshot there (it's pretty dark) with the missing texture? How does that happen? I mean, it doesn't appear as though the author used anything but the same texture over and over ... so how could he miss that little box? Oh well. It happens, I suppose. This map is full of corridors that all look the same, paths that are way too long and sometimes lead to the same damn place. The teleporters in that one room, they all lead to the same place, too. Meh. This is not a map I'd keep, but check it out for yourself and form your own opinion. :P

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA


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Download 'gpjretreat.zip' (1.91MB)


Title                   : Yavin Academy Retreat 1.2
Build                   : Padawan Bob
Design                  : Padawan Bob
Email Address           : flibble007@hotmail.com 
Website                 : http://www.gpjclan.org

File Name               : GPJretreat.PK3 
File Size               : 1.95 mb 
Date Released           : 09-09-04

Description             :  A peaceful valley on Yavin 4. An ancient Academy built by Jedi of old, once a school... now a retreat. Inside the academy training areas are abound, as well as a Hall of the Jedi, once used for great meetings. Deep inside lie two training rooms, designed by great Jedi architects, perfect for training or just relaxing. Outside the academy lie three sparring areas, their walls echoing with the saber hums of the past. The newest order of Jedi to inhabit these ruins have begun renovation and construction of new areas is underway.

New Textures            : NO
New Objects             : NO
Bot Support             : NO

Known Bugs              : Minor textures missing in places, some z fighting as well, but nothing too glaring.

*Construction*          : A design I had pondered for a while, starting with the main area and the hall... it eventually grew beyond anything I had ever imagined. Hallways and stairs were a test of design that reduces lag, and certain areas *cough* sunshine *cough* were my first real tests into the use of map making as a form of art. About 50 or so hrs spent on this map, from basic conception to final build, I enjoyed every moment of  creating it... yes even debugging things for hours on end... and have to say this is my favorite map I've made to date.

Comments                : I hope you enjoy this map as much as I do! Any questions, comments, etc. can be sent to Flibble007@hotmail.com
Installation            : Extract the pk3 file from the zip into your GameData/Base folder. Voila!


If you would like to use this map on your server or have it on your site for download, that is okay with me... Just send me an email letting me know, and including the ip of the server or url of the site. Thanks.


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