Yavin Duel Temple



map. Though not mind-blowing, it's definitely not a bad map.The map itself consists of a small square area filled with pillars, four of which in the very middle of it. There's a view on the Yavin skybox, and FPS is unavoidably good. I also couldn't help but notice a sort of cross-shape cleverly hidden in plain sight - is that some sort of intentional mapper's signature? :pMy main problem with this map were the lights. They're bright white, and got on my nerves, but considering it's a duel map I suppose that's nothing major. Still, if a future version is made, I'd like to see different lights tried.Also, one note to the author: in future, you may want to double check your file before submitting. You left in a redundant (albeit harmless) desktop.ini file ;)Other than that, it the map does what it advertises - a small Yavin temple-themed duel map.New Textures: NopeNew Sounds: NopeNew Music: NopeBot Routes: Nope-Caelum Yavin Duel Temple - ScreenshotsScreenshots:


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