Yavin Sanctuary



level with some statues and trees One neat feature is that the floor in the center can be moved to produce an uneven duelling area with different levels, with individual blocks that you can move up and down via the use of force push and pull. Apart from duelling, this map also lends itself well to clan trials or competitions, as spectators can sit around the edges of the upper level to watch the action, which is presumably why the author also made this map available from the FFA map menu rather than being duel only. There is also a little secret in this map which would make for a good place to relax after a tough tournament, though the only clue I will give you is to check the walls. ;)That said the upper level, with the trees and statues also provides a good place to duel, with the extra cover which could make things more interesting, or provide a hiding place should you be fleeing in terror from an invincible opponent! Muahaha! Personally though I would add some lighting in this area though as it is very dark, perhaps in the form of some torches or fire stands. The darkness could of course be another addition to a duel, but for the purpose of spectating the spectators would probably want to see a bit better where they were going. Its not a big deal, but as I said, personally I would prefer a little more illumination in these areas.All in all though a clean, simple Yavin themed duel map here, the soothing sound effects and nice music fit the theme very well, but are perhaps more appropriate for an FFA map where some exploration and admiring of the location is involved. Obviously you dont generally have time for that while duelling! So I hope you will make some Yavin themed FFA maps in the future as well MagSul!Bot Support: NoNew Textures: NoNew Sounds: NoNew Music: NoGame Types: FFA, Duel~Nozyspy~


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