Yavin Treetops

I honestly don't see too many CTF maps. CTF generally is more successful because no one is "forced" to have to smack someone upside the...


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I honestly don't see too many CTF maps. CTF generally is more successful because no one is "forced" to have to smack someone upside the head for violating the 10,000 rules a server puts in place...

This map brought to our fine altar, while well built, seems a little dull in the gameplay division. The map is virtually symmetrical, with two identical bases. Each base consists of a rather small doorway containing a flag holding area, a window for cover-fire, and a sniper nest. A note on that if you enter the sniper nest, you have to jump out of it or have someone open the door for you. Both of these bases are connected with relatively narrow bridge that connects to a middle platform of sorts. Honestly, I don't see the fun that could be put into this. You have hardly anywhere to hide, there's very little room to evade gunfire, and I can hardly see how you could squeeze through that tiny door without getting mauled. It's practically begging FFA

Not to say that the map itself is bad or anything. In general, the concept and the general structure looks nice, but the gameplay just seems limited. To enhance your product, here are some suggestions:

- Try making a series of more platforms that connect throughout the map. That way, the number of possible routes increase, and there is a lot more tactical availablity. This also would increase the need for more ground to be covered, because you can't have everyone holed up in the base or the flag would be impossible to reach. This brings me to my next point.

- Expand the bases. First off, the doorway is way too small, and I foresee people being able to block off invaders with a flechette alone. There needs to be more space and possible routes to the objective, so as to put more of a tactical balance. On a final note, I would make the sniper nests have a button to return inside. You never know when your hotshot needs to do a last ditch defense on the flag.

- Change your map's name. I haven't done any good research on hot CTF maps, but I know for a fact that CTF_Yavin is actually a Jedi Outcast CTF map. Personalize it a little, m'lad!

- Music is definitely a necessity. Not everyone has programs to listen to music. If all else, throw in the default JA tunes and call it a day. Just cover up that blasphemous silence.

This is just from a non-CTF player point of view. Try and find some fellow CTF'ers and see if they have any other suggestions. Your map has promise, lad. It's a good effort, but now you have to expand!

New Textures: Nay New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'ctf_yavin.zip' (1.74MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Yavin Treetops
E-MAIL: couldsoundgood@hotmail.co.uk

FILENAME: ctf_yavin.pk3
DATE RELEASED: 05 May 2007

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Copy the ctf_yavin.pk3 file into your gamedata/base folder.

DESCRIPTION: This is primarily a CTF map set above the treetops of yavin, it is a much more Quake style map than many other jka ctf maps in that you have 2 bases and a small area in the middle. The idea behind it is for fast and exciting gameplay using both sabers and weapons, however, no splash wepons so that you can't just blow people off the sides from a distance. There are two entrances and three exits (a one-way door) to each base and the central 'pyramid' consists of three levels. Enjoy!

BUGS: The lighting on the doors looks really weird, but then its just one of those annoying things that come with using fog.


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