To get right to the point, this map is just short of being a masterpiece.

Visuals: Beautiful. It’s Yavin at dusk, and the lighting is fabulous. Good lighting is very difficult, and would-be mappers should take a look at this effort to see how it’s done. The lighting is even, consistent, and at just the right level to make anything in the map easily viewable, while still giving enough contrast for light sources and still emulate that pre-dusk feeling. While the ground is pretty much covered with the same texture throughout the entire level, you’ll hardly notice. There isn’t a flat ground surface to be found anywhere, and the terrain is decorated with rocks, trees, rivers, and large ferns, all of which help the variety and give the map a very natural and organic feel. The only non-organic areas are the flag bases, which are suitably geometric.

Gameplay: For a CTF map, NOTHING is more important than how it plays, and this one plays great. It’s a classic 180 degree rotation of one base to another, but the paths flow together so smoothly it’s very hard to notice that it’s mirrored. I can’t emphasize how important this is. I have a major beef with CTF maps that aren’t mirrored. It gives an advantage to one team, no matter how much you try to balance it out. The real challenge however, is mirroring a map, without making it feel like a ‘Flip, then change red to blue’ type job. This map excels in this aspect, and it was a real pleasure to see. Weapons placement seems even enough, with many items being just off the beaten path. Z-axis is decent, with one area having a dramatic rock bridge crossing over a path encompassed by cliffs.

An astounding effort by Torchy. I can’t wait to see more of your work!

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Jedi Academy - CTF

final version

02 janurary 2004

About the map...

My 3rd multiplayer map, 1st for the JK series...

Yavin themed ctf map, insprired by the yavin single player mission.
Each base resides on a landing bay in the clearing. There are 3 main 
routes to the enemy base; a couple forest trails and a lower trail 
through a small rocky valley and cave

**** map path: mp/torchyctf1 ****


Misc info....

Build time : About 5 evenings

Compile time : full vis, -light -fast -filter : About 4 minutes


Special Thanks....

Raven on www.mapcenter.com forums for the great JKA tutorials,
Raven(soft) for another ace game, and their great 2d/3d artists for the 
textures and map models.

ydnar for q3map2. It took me longer to walk up stairs, take a piss and 
wash my hands than compile the map. Amazing


contact me....

[email protected]

msn messenger : [email protected]


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