Yoda Episode III and II

Here we have a skin based on Mars Marshall's Yoda model. Honestly I can't tell what's different between the two without comparing them, so I...


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Here we have a skin based on Mars Marshall's Yoda model. Honestly I can't tell what's different between the two without comparing them, so I'm guessing it's nothing drastic (though I haven't looked at Mars' Yoda model lately). From the read-me it doesn't sound like much has been changed at all, but hey, everybody needs their chance to practice! All the extras are included: team skins, bot and npc support, and appropriate Yoda sounds. If you're looking or another variant of Yoda check this one out.

Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes


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Jedi Knight : Jedi Academy Modification

	Yoda Episode III and II
		Version 1

Mod Name:	"EpisodeIII_Yoda_Kaio"     .... by Kaio

Model:		This mod is based on the "YodaVM" Model by neomarz

Skin:		All the skins are done by me, Kaio; but I used some parts, as like the robe, from the old VM skins
		but face, torso (...) are by me and the used parts have been overdone...

Sounds:		mainly taken from other Yoda mods or models, like the vm-version

Concept: 	Ok, this is my new skin...It has been a while ;) Well, this time its based on the Jedi-Master Yoda,
		known from the Star Wars Episodes I, II, III, V and VI...This reskin contains an Episode III Version
		of Yoda, an Episode II Version and a special Episode III unrobed Version...I hope you like it :P

Support:	Well, this skin has bot-support, team colors, sounds, shaders....
		There is a npc-support, too...if you want to play as yoda in singleplayer, just type in the console:
		"playermodel EpisodeIII_Yoda"		--> for default Episode III Yoda
		"playermodel EpisodeII_Yoda"		--> for default Episode II Yoda
		"playermodel EpisodeII_Yoda_norobe"	--> for special Episode III Yoda without robe

Installation:	Place this pk3 file from this zip archive into the JKA/gamedata/base/ directory...

NOTES: 		There are no know bugs, if you find some, please contact me...If you have any suggestions,
		please tell me, too. Im also sure that there will be a Version 2 sometimes........
		If you want to use this for a reskin or mod, please ask me or mention me in the readme.... ;) thanks


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