Young Rosh / Rosh's Son

Ah, my first review. I never thought this day would come, but here we are! Now to the actual review. Here we have a Rosh skin, which us...


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Ah, my first review. I never thought this day would come, but here we are! Now to the actual review.

Here we have a Rosh skin, which uses the Younglings model, and it was sent in by SiLink himself! *Applauds* The only difference is that it's Young Rosh, or Rosh's son. Apparently, Mon Mothma is the mother, as you'll see if you read the description. I find this very awkward, and I'm so glad this never happened in the story, because we don't need mini Rosh's running around, now do we? =_O

This skin is very nice, and surprisingly good for a reskin of Rosh himself. At first, I thought to myself, ''Reskinning Rosh with the Youngling model won't work, will it?'' But, to my surprise, SiLink achieved that goal. I also noticed that he added the Padawan braid to his hair, which is a great touch, because it added more flavor and humor to the actual skin. The last observation I made was the new sounds, AHH! SiLink raised the pitch of Rosh's sound files, so beware mortals! >_>

Just so most of you aren't confused when you download this skin, SiLink forgot an icon for the model list, so you'll have to type this into your console to use the skin:

/model youngrosh

The only problems I came across were some minor clipping problems, but most of you should understand that the skin is supposed to be small, and you can't really do much about the clipping. Other than that, this skin is fantastic.

Remember to add this line of code to your modelscale.cfg in your japlus folder:

"youngrosh" 0.7

Definitely worth a download if you're into comedic skins, and want a laugh.

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No NPC Support: No Team Support: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Young Rosh / Rosh's Son

FILESIZE: 1.6 mb
DATE RELEASED: 29th October 2008

CREDITS: Mars Marshall AKA NeoMarz1 for his awesome Youngling model, I reskinned the model and raised the pitch of the sounds. Big thanks to Wawel for helping me test the skin.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the pk3 file into your base folder which can be found in Program Files/StarWars JediKnight Jedi Academy/GameData/ (Note - Do not extract the PK3 into your GameData folder, make sure the PK3 goes into your base folder)

DESCRIPTION: This was originally going to be for my Jedi Academy: Tourettes Guy series but the idea of Rosh's son was eventually scrapped so I finished it off to look almost identical to Rosh but in youngling form. The skin is in no way serious and was purely made for comedy purposes. I also took all of Rosh's basic sounds and changed them to be more child like. Also I'm sure you're wondering who the mother is... It's Mon Mothma..... Yeah.... o_o....

BUGS: None found, if you find any contact me and I'll gladly fix the bugs and release the fixes in V2.

COMMENTS: I strongly advise you use the skin on a server which allows modelscale, otherwise the model will look like a deformed teletubby XD... the code to add to your modelscale config file in your japlus folder is:

"youngrosh" 0.7


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