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DrussRob brings us an update to his Absolum skin, except now it's called Z Absolum. Or rather, 'they' are now called Z Absolums. :) Based on the Grey Fox model for Metal Gear Solid, it immediately looks cool in my eyes, and when you apply skins like these to it they are just spiffing ;) Aside from the shine which always looks nice on metal, the colours suit each other and look like (in my opinion) ninja armour should - oh, and I love the new sounds :) What are they from? They fit this superninja idea very well, although perhaps they could be a bit more machine like?

So, theres 3 skins, although 2 of them are for team skins, and are basically the main skin except in red and blue. The other one is a very sinister green which goes with the whole stealth-design. Oh yeah! Also included in this pk3 is a new saber for the ninjas to use, which I think looks very sleek, and definitely better than any other I have seen which came with the game :D My favourite is the blue skin, because I like blue better, and it is now my favourite bot to play against :) So there's team support, new sounds and bot support! Its not very often I see a skin like this which has a high standard in all of these areas, but this is certainly one of them. Very good work on this skin, and although the author didn't make the model himself he certainly picked the best one to use :)

New Sounds: Yes Team Support: Yes Bot Support: Yes

~Szico VII~



A long time ago, in a galaxy even further away, beyond the wars, beyond the Empire.... beyond the Jedi. A civilization governed by supremacy and sheer power exists without the knowledge of the struggles of life and prestige beyond the boundaries of the Dolorium System. Here a humanoid like race survives on the haven mother planet of Ylsid, a dense and green planet where famine and sickness is unknown. The Lohndeth however are not natives to this paradise. There was a time when the face of this, and many of other planets in this system, were nothing more than battlegrounds, created in the fight for superiority in the highest sense. There were once many races and many different tribes of people on these scattered planets. But the day came, almost 1500 years ago, when the Lohndeth, a race of mysterious and extremely powerful all but god-like figures arrived in this system, seemingly from nowhere and with mind boggling speed began the destruction of any and all settlements. It was obvious what these tyrants wanted, the total decimation and removal of any race that was not their own, in an attempt to totally occupy and dominate this helpless system. For the peoples who were native to this system and her planets, fighting was not an option. The Lohndeth had a power, not unlike "the force", that they could wield with overwhelming strength. Victory was attained in no more than six days. An entire system brought to it's knees despite the undying efforts of it's armies and defense systems. None could stand, the might of the Lohndeth was an unstoppable chaos. As planets began to surrender to the Lohndeth, they could have never known it would go even further. The Lohndeth did not want to rule over such weak and pathetic beings as they saw it. Fugitives, as they were found, were eradicated. Only a handful of people from the small planet of Dontal were spared. A race of nomadic and simple minded humanoids, the Dontalians were captured and moved to the planet of Ylsid for the purpose of overseeing food production and to live a life of servitude to the Lohndeth. The Lohndeth were adventurous and would not rest until they dominated the entire universe. Scouting teams were constantly being sent in an attempt to find other viable systems for complete extermination. Many teams would be gone for ten to twenty years at a time, but always returning with empty hands. Content that they had seemingly accomplished their goal for superiority, the scouting was brought to a stop. A day eventually came when the head chancellor, Antilles Lohn, decided to send an exploratory team of his highest ranking members, including his very own Lieutenant General Absolum Lohndi, to travel beyond any trek they had ever made before in a last ditch effort to acquire more star systems. The possibility of the journey lasting more than twenty or even one hundred years was not far fetched, as the more powerful members of this race were at times known to have a lifespan of over two thousand years. As the final preparations were made, the journey commenced. After 75 years of inundated and steadfast travel, they happened upon a very small and lonesome planet. As they scoured the surface for any life, they found what appeared to be utter destruction. A planet that looked as if it was attacked by many large meteors could not possibly sustain any intelligent life. Although, as they explored the surface they found items that were definitely not native to the planet and most definitely had been crafted by intelligent hands. The use or purpose of these items was undeterminable as they too had seemingly been destroyed by the onslaught of falling asteroids. Then, in the distance behind the exploring team there was an all too familiar sound. To Absolum and his men it was a foreign sound, but a menacing sound none the less, enough to cause alarm. As it would seem, the sound appeared to be the powering up of the light saber of a young Jedi named Kumar Lethkai, who himself was on a mission to determine the demise of the indigenous people of the tiny planet. Seeing the Lohndeth, and their initial menacing appearance he knew they were no friends and were a force to be reckoned with. Typically the Lohndeth didn’t care about their victims, or their origin. One goal was on their minds always, and that was swift eradication. But this time was different. Absolum ordered his men to stand down. He was intrigued by this weapon of light. As he approached the young Jedi to retrieve the item, the Jedi apprentice ordered Absolum to be still and not to advance any further or physical force would be necessary. Absolum chuckled to himself with an evil groan only he could produce. And with one swift flip of his wrist in the direction of the budding Jedi, Kumar was on his knees begging for his life as the very organs in his body were being crushed from the inside. As fate would have it, at that exact moment, the reason for the many large craters in the planets surface became all too apparent as the sky darkened and the surface was bombarded by immense boulders of fire. Absolum’s team, still assembled by their craft, 
was immediately crushed, killing them instantly and destroying the craft as well. Seeing an opportunity, Kumar advanced to attack Absolum in the confusion, but to no avail. Absolum, being very well adept to the benefits of attacking during total chaos, quickly struck down the young man in a force so great that it broke the neck of the helpless Jedi, killing him before he hit the ground. As the meteor shower subsided, Absolum finally retrieved his prize. A Jedi’s light saber. Seeing his ship was destroyed, he began to search for Kumar’s ship, knowing the Jedi was obviously not a resident of such a volatile planet. After a few hours he found a small craft hidden safely in a cave. Upon entering the small ship he realized that his trek had led him so far away from Ylsid and his comrades, that he could never find his way back without the star maps that were aboard the destroyed Lohndeth ship. Initializing the small ship’s intelligence systems (which seemed rather primitive to Absolum) pulled up countless star maps of systems which neither he, nor any of his people had ever encountered. Armed with his new light saber and mysterious force-like powers, he decided to set a course for the first planet that came up on the display console. A planet named… Coruscant. 

You have been chosen to guide Absolum Lohndi on his conquest of the Empire. Do you have what it takes to live up to the Lohndeth reputation? Is total ahnialation of your enemies in the quest for total superiority your goal? Then lets get started.

ABSOLUM{TLR} Version 1.02
[email protected]


Added Saber
Added Team Support (per Chrono's request) ;)
Added Shaders


Bot support: uh huh
New Sounds: Most Definately
SP NPC Support: You Better Believe it

I still cant model cuz me dum. model hard. mongo brain hurt. It's still an all around cool looking skin (I think). Only real bug is the spinny around dual saber thing where only one saber goes instead of both. 

Side Note: Spawn this character in SP for the best bodyguard a budding jedi could ask for. Or, do the playermodel code to use this as yourself and watch what happens ;)

SP spawn names:
Absolum_bad (run)

Mucho much thx to ksk_h2o for his Grayfox Model 
( http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=10764 )
Dc|-EcNo for his Nexus Beta 1.0 skin
( http://www.jk2files.com/file.info?ID=19446 )
IMALES for his saber model I used to build from

anything I forgot was prob in the original readme

Install: unzip the pk3 file into your base folder. (Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base)

Legalities: This model/skin is not made by or endorsed or supported or recognized or approved or waxed or sterilized or fed or even rubbed on the buttocks by LucasArts, RavenSoft, or any other company that has a vested interest in any that is Star Wars related, or that would laugh at you if you asked for support. This skin is freely downloadable, so dont sue me for doing whatever I did that I'm really and truly sorry about, because I didn't know it was wrong... really... whoa... ok, that's about it. :)


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