When someone makes something and sends it in, you kind of expect it to be somewhat complete, don’t you? Shouldn’t an author wait until somet...


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When someone makes something and sends it in, you kind of expect it to be somewhat complete, don’t you? Shouldn’t an author wait until something is completely done before releasing it, rather than release it for the impatient people who would prefer something early if it’s halfway done, rather than wait and get the whole thing. This mod is the case where the author released it before it was totally done.

These are supposed to be from MegaMan Zero…And there’s the ‘Omega Blade’, ‘Z-Saber’, and ‘Recoil Rod’. Let’s start out with the ‘Recoil Rod’. First off, it has no texture on it – at least one that works. One is included, but it doesn’t apply. Secondly, the blade is strange. I don’t know where it’s supposed to be, or if it is even supposed to have one! If it’s not supposed to have one, it should be turned off – the blade and the trail. This applies to the Omega Blade and Z-Sabers as well.

The skinning on the Z-Saber and Omega Blade models was…simple at best. From what I could see, it was just a bunch of grey. Not much was skinned on. The biggest difference between the two blades was the blade color – again, saber trails should be turned off. But the big thing here is to release something when it’s done, not halfway done. It also shows that things that should be thoroughly tested with a clean base folder. So actually completing things, and testing, is a very important thing with mods. But for you MegaMan Zero fans out there, you might like this. I find it technically lacking, due to the limits of the q3a engine. Although, I do complement the author on rotating the model so that the blade would go with the swing, so kudos for that. (aka the edge is in line with the swing). Anyways, if you like it, download, and if you don’t…then don’t!


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Z-saber 0.5
AUTHOR: Black Hawk 86
E-MAIL: Panu.w@hotmail.com

FILENAME: Z-saber.pk3, Recoilrod.pk3
FILESIZE: 306kb, 290kb
DATE RELEASED: 18 January 2007

CREDITS: Thanks to kouen for advices, and KitsuFox for sounds (that I haven´t added yet) 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: just put z-saber.pk3 or recoilrod.pk3 in your base folder BUT NOT AT SAME TIME

DESCRIPTION: for all those megaman zero fans out there, yes exactly you two,
z-saber and omega blade are finally here, + Recoil Rod

BUGS: sabers blade is missing from every saber with z-saber and with recoil rod I recommend using only
green or purple blade

COMMENTS: this isn’t complete yet I have to add shaders and sounds and make MUCH better skins.
if you want to modify this feel free.


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