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Something I've always wanted in JA is to have all of the skin options for Zabrak, Twilek and the Human to be available for all of the speci...


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Something I've always wanted in JA is to have all of the skin options for Zabrak, Twilek and the Human to be available for all of the species. And I was really hoping that this would be it. Or at least it would give all of the Zabrak options to the human female. I really do prefer the Zabrak's skins to the humans, but I like some of the human heads. Well, this is a start anyway. The author did come close to the skin color - good enough anyway to fool the naked eye.

There are more options included in this file than what is shown. So download it and play around with what is available. I hope that the author does get around to updating this and doing more.


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Download '' (2.88MB)

This is my first skin for Jedi Academy, and I basically did it just to familiarize myself with how JA handles files and skins.  Originally, I was just going to make all the Zabrak Female parts available to the Human Female, but it quickly became apparent that this task was not only too advanced for someone's first project, but was so advanced not even the veterans wanted to touch it!  So instead, I used the Zabrak Female textures as source material to make some new skins for the Human Female, and I think the results are decent.  The only original hand-drawn work in these skins is the tattoo art on the two new heads.  Everything else has been cut and pasted from other models from JA or Unreal Tournament 2004, and smoothed/color shifted by myself.

Included are two new heads, three leg pieces adapted from the Zabrak female, and two torsos adapted from the Zabrak female (one moreso than the other).  I think I managed to match that tan-in-a-bottle skin color of the human pretty well.

These are non-replacing, and I've tested them successfully in both single and multiplayer.

Unzip to your /base directory.

Known Bugs:
- The new pieces don't have any color-customization areas.  I'm going to learn how to do that for my next project, and might make an updated version of this when I do.
- The icons for the new pieces will change to a selected custom color. :I
- There seem to be some keys bound in JA that set your character's appearance to a default male human.  I don't know if I can overwrite those bindings in a pk3, but it's something to watch out for.

Feedback, comments and questions are always welcome!  Contact me at  Also, if you play Unreal Tournament 2003 or 2004, check out my skins over at!  (they're a lot nicer than these skins)

May the Force etc.

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