When I have to review skins like this, I'm tempted to just write 2-3 sentences and leave it at that. Frankly, a skin like this just doesn't deserve a real review because there's almost nothing about this skin that is different from the original. The hair. That's it. This is Chairwalker's model and skin, but with dark hair.

Well, I suppose there are a few of you out there who wanted to play as Cloud, but couldn't stand his blond hair. Oh, one more thing the author changed - the icon! Woo! (Sorry, I kinda woke up in a bad mood this morning. :P)

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Skin Name - Zack
Skinner - zack_tboys
Email - [email protected]

Nothing special, just a change of Chairwalker's Cloud skin giving it black hair and a different icon.
Chairwalker's Cloud model readme info is below.

Extract zack.pk3 into the Base folder.

Delete zack,pk3

Although it's really just Cloud with black hair (or Goku wearing Cloud's clothes, whichever you
prefer), I've been waitin' for someone to even think of making it, because of all the FF7 characters,
playable and not, Zack was may favorite.

Model Name          : Cloud
Author              : Chairwalker
Email Address       : [email protected]
Model description   : Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII
Kudos to            : Darth_sephiroth, for e-mailing me the sounds 

How to install:
Unzip the zip file into you base folder. 

How to uninstall the buster sword:
Remove cloudbuster.pk3 from your base folder.


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