Zalen's pack

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today. The textures, skinning and model work on these characters are actually pretty well done. Team colours and new sounds would've made this a greater package, but I am not here to make anyone feel guilty. This pack also comes with new hilt models. The model quality is good, aswell as the textures. I think they could've done with more of a shine to them myself, to show that they are metallic, but that's just a nitpick.As I said earlier, there are no team colours for these skins, but there are single character models for the red and blue teams, that don't appear in the default colours section. I wasn't able to get the red team character mode to load for some reason, but the blue team character shares the same quality work that the default colour characters have.Give them a download, and see for yourselves.New Models: YesNew Texture: YesNew Sound: NoBot Support: NoTeam Colours: NoNew Weapons: Yes (Saber hilts)-SuperSmeg


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