Zebra Jawa

Why am i up so early in the morning.. meh

ZebraJawa, Created by XCloudX.

First without even looking at the Skin itself, i thoug...


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Why am i up so early in the morning.. meh

ZebraJawa, Created by XCloudX.

First without even looking at the Skin itself, i thought to myself is this going to be another boring reskin of the jawa species? In some aspects, it is. For starters, picking the Jawa model. The jawa is one of the most used models to be reskinned in.. history! That got this skin off to a bad start, unfortunately. Yet this file rises as a good reskin amongst the abismal files of the Jawa League. Moving on..

A Jawa skinned as a Zebra? One point for creativity. The good thing is that the author did not painbucket over a jawa and draw designs on paint all over it. Im sure XCloudX is fully capable of producing a creative reskin, its just to skin a jawa.. and as a zebra.. it just doesnt work.

However, i'd love to see other work from you. The author did include in his readme that he acknowledged the Jawa model was highly used.. an awful lot. But i guess this ZebraJawa could be used in some multiple gamemodes. Take for instance, a simple Clan RPG? Possibly. There is yet another thing i do like about XCloudX and his skin. He included Team Support and a Taunt, from "The Jawa Masters Fun Skin Pack." The taunt is.. meh its okay. Better than that horrible jawa default sound. Bleurgh. I didn't know what to think about his Team Coloring at first. I believe he chose a feathering brush and slapped the coloring over the white? Sorry if my guess is wrong, but it's what it looks like. You can still see the white behind it. Whether or not that was intentional, i wouldn't personally like to see it. But hey, he put the effort into the Team Support, so congrats to that.

Overall, the Skin is not bad. Well, fantastic in the "Jawa Reskin League." I would love to see more work from you- Just dont choose a Jawa or a Reborn.

Team Support: Yes. Bot Support: No. NPC Support: No. New Sounds: Yes.

~ Chafferz

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Download 'zebrajawa.zip' (1.1MB)

Jedi Knight 3: Jedi Academy*
Title: Zebra Jawa V2          *
Auther:XCloudX                *
IGN: X-Cloud-X                *
Clan: =ExT=                   * 
E-Mail: shple_boy@hotmail.com *

Filename: zebra_jawa_v2.pk3
Date Released:27th July 2006
Testers: Kenny000 and vaderrocksf

Description: This is my first skin, and I know the jawa reskins are getting preety old, but this one is different XD, its a jawa with zebra patterns on its robe, it has team support too.

Installation: Just place to that good ol' gamedata/base folder 

Uninstallation: Delete .pk3 from your gamedata/base

Credits: To all you awsome skinners out there that inspired me and got me on my way in skinning, and Raven, because if it wasnt for JK3, I would never have made this, also like to thank Darth Sios for the huge help with my skinning, he helped me with any problems i came across, and the whole of =ExT=. also Spiffy, from TJM clan, becouse the taunt on this skin is from one of his skins from The Jawa Masters Fun Skin Pack, so he takes full credit for that taunt.

Bugs: None that I know of, please email me if you find any.

Comments: As I already said, this was my first skin, and i wil soon release an update with custom sounds.

ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY LLC AND/OR ITS LICENSORS.                                  *

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