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Hm...not to offend, but compared to the author's previous work, this is somewhat bland.

Last time, I was sent a malevolent skin that see...


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Hm...not to offend, but compared to the author's previous work, this is somewhat bland.

Last time, I was sent a malevolent skin that seemed to have blasted a hole in the material plane with its awesomeness. Now, we seem to have what I'm guessing is another role play character, thus justifying its basic look. Strange that I too have a role play character named Zekk...just a different last time =_,=.

Basically we are given the jedi model reskinnededededed...While it's not as WOW as his last work, it's still very good. He even went so far as to have more customized red and blue skins. That shows commitment, masses.

All that went with this skin was team support. Otherwise, it's cut and dry in terms of bonuses. Personally, there's not much left to say. The screenshots will probably be your final judgement in this product. He's done well to make an accurate and visually appealing reskin.

FORK OVER THE BANDWIDTH =_= Now please...lest I do something neurotic.

Bot Support: Nay NPC Support: Nay Team Skins: Aye New Sounds: Nay

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'zekktids.zip' (2.32MB)

As the skin " Lord Tineso " Zekk's icon will not appear in the menu. For break this problem.

you must type " /model zekkresur " in the consol ( or /model zekkresur/red or blue )

and good game !

( pour les francophones ) il faut taper " /model zekkresur " dans la console pour qu'il apparaisse, car il n'apparaitra pas dans le menu profil.

Bon jeu !

Skinned by Zalen Wrath. ( http://lcj-resurection.webrpg.info )

I gave the Texture arm on this Skin -> http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/DtR_Ph03n1x_skin;20365 ( It is a message for Iniry Forge ^^ )

Enjoy !

*PH03N1X's Read-me*

Title: =DtR= Ph03n1x skin
Author: John Tinning (Tin2k1@hotmail.com) 
VISIT HTTP://www.darktideclan.net

File Name: ph03n1x.pk3
File Size: 395kb
Date Release:10/04/03

Installation: To install this skin/mod, simply put the .pk3 file into your Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy\Gamedata\base folder. To uninstall, just delete it.

Description: This is a reskin of the Reborn model, giving him a dark look, but not over the top like most reborn reskins.

Comments: Although i have skinned for a long time (since quake), this is the 1st skin i have actually released, hope you all like it!
I haven't added team or bot support, as I really dont think they are needed, bots aren't used much and u can use normal reborn for teams.
If i get enough e-mails i will add both of these at a later date.

Credits: Thanks go out to my =DtR= helpers, Xian, Red and skully, who helped me test skin, and chunky for givin me critical advice instead of sayin
'THATS COOL!' like most ppl :P Oh and thx to Lucasarts for making the game :P


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