Let me clear something up first, this is NOT from the Matrix..actually the email said that so I thought I should say it here too.

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Let me clear something up first, this is NOT from the Matrix..actually the email said that so I thought I should say it here too.

This is a pretty large map, the areas are: Joust Arena, Swiming pool, Hanger, Space Battle Zone "with one mean Slayer Class Battle Ship", Wild West Town, Lake with Jet Ski Race Track, Fluffy's pen, multi duel room's and more. (quote of readme there). The simple fact is it's huge, there are lots of places to go and a lot to do.

Visually the map isn't always stunning, many areas lack detail, however the good use of lighting (except the occasional dark spot) and some of the structures are simply stunning. The main area is the large corridor that connects all the areas together, this has been done simply but quite well, pillars to support the roof, a central raised arch and the occasional statue mean it's not amazing but it certainly is pleasant and has space to fight in. The rancor fighting area I think is close to perfect in the way it works; you have a viewing area very high up with glass floors and then small elevators to go down to where the rancors are; the room is grass on the floor with decayed walls; it would have been perfect if the floor had been uneven and there were a few broken stones but you can't ask for it all!

There is a bar in here that has some music you'll recognise, felt a bit like a walk down memory lane hearing it. Also the space idea while not brilliantly done is something different, it's fun to say the least and makes an interest added bonus to the map.

Mix in with all of this the music, especially in the 'Wild West' and it's a great map.

As I've said, it's not amazing in it's detail - in fact it lacks detail in most places but it is a good map for many other reasons, it's just very different in how it looks and feels; my second map this week I've been able to say that about.

New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: Yes


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Download 'zion.zip' (25.3MB)


Map by Jesse "Calsa" McKinney 
Email: [email protected]
Website: board.to/zion <=NO WWw OR .somthing

Map name: Zion
Filename: zion.pk3
filesize: could be worse! about 25mb 
Release Date: May 1st 2004

Description: A kickass multi zoned ffa, tffa map. NOT ANOTHER CLAN MAP!!!

Areas: Joust Arena, Swiming pool, Hanger, Space Battle Zone with one mean Slayer Class Battle Ship, Wild West Town, Lake with Jet Ski Race Track, FLuffy's pen, multi duel room's and more suprises than you can shake a jawa at!

Custom vehicles: yes 1 to spawn type &quot;npc spawn vehicle deathorb&quot;
Custom NPC's:  ***Fluffy, the baby rancor ** Fluffy is a server side NPC U can spawn her on any map even if not everyone has this map, as long as the zion map is on the server.
		  To spawn on other maps type &quot;npc spawn fluffy&quot;
		***SUPERFLEA, name says it all &quot;npc spawn superflea&quot; Also a serverside NPC
Custom textures: yes
Custom sounds  : you bet!
Bot support: Yes
Gametypes: FFA,TFFA

Way beyond the outer rim lies a Planet know as Zion. The Academy on the planet is a very unique one in that Sith and Jedi Train hand in hand with
no hostility tword one another.  The planet Zion is Just as backwards as the academy.  The planet has long since stoped rotating and half of it is 
plunged into eternal darkness and half is always bright and sunny.  Now come with us and explore this strange and mysterious place known as Zion.

Drag and drop the zion.pk3 file into your base folder.  By Default the path to it is ::
C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base

Load Jedi Academy and you are ready to play.

Shout out to clan's <Z>,[JRB],{DS}, for your help in testing
Also love to thank everyone else that helped to contribute to this map
REALLY SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO THE PEOPLE OVER AT MAPCENTER &quot;http://www.map-center.com&quot; Who without there help and guidence this map never would have happened
Also I would like to thank you for chosing my map.
Hope you enjoy!

Map stats:
Manhours: 215
Times rebuilt from scratch 2  (deleted the worldspawn key (dont ask), hard drive crash)

++++ FACTS And waRNINGS +++++
FLUFFY CAN Kill 82 jawa per minute so watch youre step.
There are lots of secret areas in this map, how many i am not saying for sure, but keep your eyes open.

All custom textures, sounds, and models are my property and should not be used without my permision.

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