Reborn’s have always been one of the skins that most people start off with when they begin skinning. I don’t know why really, I guess it is...


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Reborn’s have always been one of the skins that most people start off with when they begin skinning. I don’t know why really, I guess it is a simple model and thus it is easier to start off with the Reborn rather than starting on a more complicated and creatively restrictive model like the Swamptrooper or Tusken Raider.

Here today we have a Reborn skin that is in just that kind of situation; it is the authors first work. There is a great little line in the readme that I just want to quote first of all:

Everyone has their roots in modding/skinning. Mine is this.

I really liked this little line, because it shows that the author has a realisation that this is the beginning – the genesis of their work. Often I don’t think that modders properly recognise the point where they started their modding careers. I for one cant even remember the first map I made, which is somewhat annoying because I would love to go back and have a good look at it! I just thought that line showed some nice insight on where we have all started off, whatever line of modding we do.

Anyway, enough psychobabble from me, on with the review! :P

The skin itself is mostly monotone, in shades of grey and black. However this isn’t just a de-saturated Reborn here, it has been re-skinned. If my eyes serve me right, I would say that the body has been re-skinned with the clothing of one of the Jedi trainer / Master skins, whilst the legs and the rest of the skin are the same as the default reborn. The defining feature of this skin I think, is the menacing red eyes. Obviously with the rest of the skin being in shades of grey, those red eyes jump right out at you and look pretty scary!

The skin also has some new sounds, which I think fit very well indeed with the theme of the skin. They are sort of screechy, rasping sounds which remind me of the Velociraptor’s in Jurassic Park. Maybe that’s where the sounds are from? I couldn’t quite tell.

Overall the skin is good quality, though I would certainly have liked it to have team skins, which unfortunately it doesn’t. Looking at the picture of the previous version below, I think it would have been a good idea if both versions were put in this file, as sort of a small skin pack, since I rather like the somewhat purple / maroon colouring of the original. For next time around I would definitely suggest making some team skins and also maybe a small skin pack with several different variations of the skin.

All in all though a decent skin here and I look forward to seeing your future work Kalek! :)

If you guys like the look of it, give it a download!

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No Team Support: No


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Download 'zolteg.zip' (984KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Zolteg
AUTHOR: Kalek (Me)
E-MAIL: Alvakarking@gmail.com
SIZE: 948 kb

FILENAME: Zolteg.pk3

DESCRIPTION: Everyone has their roots in modding/skinning. Mine is this. As you can see in the screenshot
verson one was not very good. It was not until I joined my clan (AoF) that I found a use for it. The Zolteg
are villains that I created, that are a sort of disease of the force. They infect people with their shroud, 
and after a short while, they become a Zolteg. They all think as one and such. I hope to make different Zolteg
skins sometime in the future. I have included NPC support and shaders, but no team support, as I always used this as a 
personal skin to be in the pictures of my RP logs. Maybe V2 will have team support (I Know this may upset many people as 
they believe that team support is vital to a skin), but for now, I am not sure how I can do it without ruining the skin itself,
and that is the last thing that I want to do. Ruin the skin I mean. Well, enjoy!

CREDITS: Raven for the model and original Reborn Skin.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Put the .pk3 in your base and enjoy the screes 

BUGS: None that I know of...Let me know if you find some.


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