These skins would be neat with a little more detail. The idea of them is cool, but at the moment they just kind of look like reborns that ha...


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These skins would be neat with a little more detail. The idea of them is cool, but at the moment they just kind of look like reborns that have been hit by a train. The tearing up of the clothes looks very random and haphazard, and the skin below doesn't look much like skin at all. There should be a little bit of shadowing near the edges of the tears, as well, because as it is is looks like the skin is on top of the clothing, not the other way around. Cloth doesn't tear jaggedly like that, either. Leather (for the boots) especially wouldn't.

For the blue team skin, the face actually looks burned, which is kind of cool. The blood spot on the torso is unrealistic, though. It actually reminds me of mold for some reason... Watch a horror film and you'll discover that blood is not actually that color. Blood is a very dark crimson red.

For the red team skin the face actualy looks really cool. I'd keep that. For the torso, my comments would mirror those for the default skin.

The sounds are pretty fitting for a ghoul or zombie, but some of the noise could have been removed pretty easily with free sound software. Other than that, they're alright. Being all wavs, though, they take up a large chunk of space. Making them MP3s might be a good idea for next time.

Perhaps for a version two, work on the things I mentioned (definitely go to the forums for more feedback, if you need to, because I'm not an expert :p) and maybe add some bot support. This is a good start, though. Pretty good for a reborn reskin!

Bot Support: No Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: No


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AUTHOR: Merscil(KingArthur)
SKIN NAME: zombies

team support: yes
bot support: no

Okay, I made another skin. This time I reskinned the reborn model into a zombie. 
Or zombies actually. Because the faces of the default, the red and the blue skin are completely different...
(I find the blue ones face the most scary one lol :P but i'm not happy about the blood on his torso...
the red and the default one look more like a zombie in my opinion).

Ya know how to install it, just put the pk3file in your basedirectory.

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